Top 3 hot topics in The Diet Doctor Facebook Group


Our Diet Doctor Facebook group is a forum for our members (free trial available), where they can discuss all things keto or low carb.

What are some hot topics among our members? Here are the top three topics that trended in The Diet Doctor Facebook group last week:

1. Should you skip meals if you are not hungry?

Maybe you’re one of these people who have lost count of the health improvements you’ve reaped since starting a low-carb or keto diet. You feel fantastic — both physically and mentally. But you also find that you are not as hungry as you used to be, and that you could easily skip a meal here and there. This is a “problem” which has been raised many times in the Facebook group (here is just one example).

Maybe one major reason why this topic is brought up so frequently is because the opposite has been true in our previous attempts to lose weight. Most of us have come to believe that battling constant hunger is a natural part of weight loss. Thus, some people new to low-carb eating become understandably confused when they no longer have to sit on their hands trying not to dive head first into the food that happens to be in the pantry.

So what’s the Diet Doctor stance on skipping meals if you are not hungry? Could going without breakfast/lunch/dinner be potentially problematic? Are we ruining our metabolisms by not eating at regular times?

Just like our moderator Crystal Pullen explained, we advise people to listen to their hunger signals. When hungry, eat. When not hungry, don’t eat, even if that means skipping a meal.

While you might not have been able to trust your hunger signals in the past, you can learn how during our popular 5 Weeks of Keto with Kristie program. And if you still worry about damaging your metabolism by following your intuition, read this popular post by Dr. Jason Fung.

2. What can you cook with courgettes/zucchini?

When you first encounter this Facebook post, you might think: “Courgettes – what could this elegant-sounding foodstuff be?” And then, after turning to Professor Google, you understand that it is apparently British English for zucchini!

Anyhow, what are the top things that our members make of the versatile dark green vegetable (which also happens to be in season)?

The post so far has gotten 119 creative answers, and some favorites are to use courgettes/zucchini as lasagna sheets or as a substitute for “potato” salad. And of course it’s wonderfully luscious sautéed in butter, with a pinch of sea salt — simple and delicious.

Check out the top Diet Doctor recipes with courgettes/zucchini below if you want more inspiration.

3. How do you respond to keto naysayers?

Have you ever encountered a person who insists that a low-carb or keto diet is very bad for you, in spite of your success? Then you are not alone. Plenty of members have brought up this issue in the Facebook group.

Some suggestions for handling these situations are:

  1. Choose your battles. Not everyone is open-minded and ready to reassess their preconceived notion about keto. Ask yourself: is it worth wasting time trying to convince someone who is not willing to listen?
  2. Educate yourself. It is important to learn why low carb works, because then you will feel more confident and not be easily swayed by other people’s opinions. Ensure that you have read about the science of low carb, the safety of ketosis and whether the brain needs carbs to survive. This video course will also help you grasp what you need to know about keto eating.
  3. Start working with a low-carb friendly medical practitioner. If your medical practitioner is opposing the diet in spite of your improved health, then perhaps you should start searching for one that is low-carb friendly instead. See this map and list of doctors who are low-carb and keto advocates. You can also read this guide to handling healthcare practitioners who are skeptical to low carb.

What are your best tips for dealing with keto naysayers?

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