Too much medicine: how a relentless pursuit of good health can make people sick

Here’s an interesting new Australian documentary from Dr. Maryanne Demasi – can too much medicine make people sick? The answer is definitely yes, and often the right medical treatment is no treatment. Unfortunately there are many reasons why doctors can instead prescribe a treatment that’s likely to make the patient sicker.

Read more about the documentary here, or watch it above: Too much medicine: Is our obsession with prevention doing us more harm than good?


The Terrifyingly Tiny Effect of Statin Drugs


    I think someone at Catalyst is on our side . About time the ABC stood for truth in health. Thanks Andreas.
  2. Soul
    Nice video article, and enjoyed the very end mention greatly about taking a more of an active roll in ones health instead of relying upon someone else to make decisions for you, with all to often medications and procedures of little value.

    I was watching a conversation today between my country men, America, over the steep rise in medical costs. For many insurance bills will soon rise another 50%. This is on top of earlier steep rises due to the new health care system. In the conservations naturally the majority wanted to see lower costs. Obviously though the new system is not designed for lower pricing. In part the higher costs are coming from new people being covered by insurance. Higher medical insurance is also due to new services the government is mandating be covered. As can be imagined, if you are company in the health care industry you want the government to mandate your products be included with insurance coverage. Without that will result in lost revenue. You will be doing all kinds of political lobbying to be included. In the end it is not in the interest of politicians or agencies to lower health costs. We will likely only see the occasional statement saying he/she is concerned over rising costs. Historically that is how it has worked, and that is how it will be in the future undoubtably.

    Back to what was mentioned in the TV show, as was said much can be done though by people to take charge of their own health, eating well, low carb or simply eating real foods, avoiding medications with dubious value such as statins, avoid procedures that are likely not to help. In this age, all to often, relying upon others to improve health and look to lower costs is a loosing proposition.

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