Time to buy your tickets to the world’s largest low-carb conference


This will probably be the world’s largest international low-carb conference ever. Low Carb USA 2017 will be held in San Diego on the 3rd to 6th of August.

Already, 600 people have signed up, making it highly likely that it will be even larger than the previous record holder, the LCHF convention in Cape Town that had 650 participants (in 2015).

You can still get tickets at a discounted price until the end of June.

Experts such as Gary Taubes, Professor Stephen Phinney, Dr. Sarah Hallberg and Dr. Dominic D’Agostino will hold presentations, and so will I. It should also be a great time to meet up with other fellow low carbers (feel free to come up and chat if you’re attending).

You can book your ticket and hotel room at www.lowcarbusa.org.


Here are the top interviews and presentations from the Low Carb USA 2016 conference:


  1. Geoff
    For those of us who can't attend the Low Carb USA 2016, will you have the briefings, findings, and other information for those on the pay side?
  2. Alessandro Testori
    the question:

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    Diabetes has a low prevalence in Italy and the prevalence is lower in Northern italy (3.2%) than Southern Italy (6.3%)


    this compares very favourably with the prevalence rates in the United States (about 9%) and with those in China (JAMA reported 10.9% see http://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/2633917 Diabetes prevalence in Japan is 7.4%

    Northern Italy does not follow a mediterranean diet: people eat a lot and a lot more fat and less carbs, yet there is less obesity and longevity is higher than the more mediterranean Southern regions 85 years for men in Trentino Vs 77 years for men in Naples

  3. Alessandro Testori
  4. Alessandro Testori
    Italian bureau of Statistics (ISTAT) data substantiating the above


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