TIME: Juice is not a health food

fresh orange juice

You’re not doing your health or weight a favor by drinking juice, a new article in TIME magazine concludes. It’s a beverage packed with sugar, and if you were to strip it of its vitamins, it’s comparable to a can of Coke.

Most produce naturally contains sugar, and fruit typically packs more than vegetables. Without fiber in the mix, juice is essentially just the natural sugars and water found in its ingredients, says Scott Kahan, the director of the National Center for Weight and Wellness in Washington, D.C. Though natural sugar may seem harmless, your body does little to distinguish between the sugars in an apple versus those in a piece of candy, Kahan says.

TIME: The case against juice is stronger than ever

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Let’s stop pretending that juice is better than soda

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  1. Susie
    I lost a ton of weight on a 30 day juice fast, but not only that, my osteoarthritis pain disappeared and I felt brilliant, however, as soon as I started eating “ normally” I put the weight back on. I didn’t know about the Keto way of life and I wonder if I’d juice fasted then gone on to eat ketogenically, would I have maintained my weight loss? I’m eating Keto now, and I’ve lost a stone. Two more to lose but I’m in so much osteoarthritis pain, I’m tempted to do a juice fast. Is there any way of doing a Keto fast? I can’t stand the pain! Just to add, I was juice fasting on the reboot with joe, green juice. Mostly veggies.

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