Tim Noakes on trial

In 2014, Professor Tim Noakes was reported to the Health Professions Council of South Africa for giving unprofessional dietary advice. He was advocating a low-carb, high-fat diet… in a tweet.

What followed was a four-year legal process of Kafkaesque proportions. Should a top-level scientist have his life and legacy ruined by a tweet? And is there anything wrong with a low-carb diet in the first place?

Fortunately, Professor Noakes is a fighter, and he was certainly not about to give up.

Here’s the story of Noakes’ fascinating multi-year struggle, with interviews of people who participated, and video from the court case, in a Diet Doctor mini documentary.

Watch the trailer above (transcript). The full documentary is available with a free trial or membership:
Tim Noakes on trial

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  1. Françoise
    Thank you. It is so important to have at least a glimpse of what had happened . I admire so much Tim Noakes. But Gary Fettke also fight a good fight, surely not easy. Thank you yo much.
  2. Cassieoz
    LCHF Superheroes. We need a hall of fame for all those who've been professionally censured despite the backing of good science
  3. Walter
    Gary Fettke has been exonerated and they apologised to him, so he and his wife can continue their great work.
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  5. ASB
    A recent report from the European Cardiology Association (?) who followed over 25,000 people over 5 years claims that although initially Keto diet lowered cholesterol and had other benefits, people on that diet had over time hugely increased rates of cancer and stroke and cardiac problems. My figures are not precise but not far off. this has alarmed me greatly. Any feedback on this study?
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  6. ASB
    I am replying to my own comment which has not appeared. It was quoting the recent report of European Cardiologists who had a 5 year study of the effects of Keto diet long term. The results in the first 6 months were excellent but in the long term saw an incredible increase in cancer, stroke and cardiovascular incidence.
  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    It's just observational data (statistics) from the general population (not people eating keto).

    Observational data / statistics generally can't prove cause and effect, and has all kinds of severe weaknesses, so you can' t really prove anything at all with these weak correlations (about 1.1 times the risk of disease). You need at least a factor of 2 to pay attention, e.g. smoking increases the risk of lung cancer by a factor of at least 10.

    This kind of nutritional "science" can safely be ignored. You could "prove" pretty much anything you wanted with that low standards for evidence, so it's basically pseudo-science.

  8. Joanne
    I have been on the keto diet since may and recently had my blood work done everything was good except my cholesterol levels were doubled. Doctor wants to recheck in three months in fasted state. Any suggestions
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  9. Andre

    Have a look at this site

    There are videos on Youtube and DietDortor with him explaining his concept.
    In fact. if you eat a lot lot lot of fat the 3 days before your next blood work you should get grest results this time.

    Good luck

  10. Marie Valgardsson
    Here is an in depth article by Dr. Georgia Ede who goes into the details of this study
    showing exactly how and why it is pseudo-science: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/diagnosis-diet/201809/latest-...
  11. Marie Valgardsson
    I might add that this study was carried out long before Keto diets became popular
    so it is completely misleading to suggest or conclude that any of the people in the study were on a Keto diet.

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