Thousands tell the USDA to update the outdated guidelines

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Even though the USDA has not yet caught up with reality and recognized their guidelines for what they are (outdated), many people have.

During a recent public comment period to the federal organization, a great number of people brought up low carb and saturated fat as topics that need revision.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) heard from thousands of concerned citizens about the need to update the 2020-2025 U.S. Dietary Guidelines on topics where the science has evolved, particularly on saturated fats and low-carbohydrate diets. USDA’s public comment period ended on Friday, and the results demonstrate a widespread belief that the Guidelines need to be changed in order to reflect the best and most current science. Of the 6,069 comments posted thus far (all figures updated 4/6/18):

1,187 mention “saturated” as in “saturated fats”

1,299 mention “low-carb” and 851 mention “low-carbohydrate” (with possible overlap of comments).

Nutrition Coalition: Thousands tell USDA: Update guidelines to reflect the latest science on saturated fat and low-carb diets

A big thank you to everyone who took their time to send in their input.


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  1. John Enns
    In the documentary "Sugar Coated" one researcher found records that showed that some sugar companies "employed" doctors, even some of the same ones that big tobacco payed off, to lie about how much sugar should be in our diets to boost sales. This went on to become our standard dietary guideline from the FDA.

    Our current FDA dietary guideline is based on bribes from 4-5 decades ago. Everything about it is wrong. It's extra carbs, not fat, that is retained as extra body fat. Excessive dietary carbohydrates have been linked with cancer and dementia. Not to mention diabetes. Then there's HFCS and fatty liver disease.

    It was only a few years back that corn syrup was under the microscope and researchers came back and said that they'd determined that sugar is sugar. Turns out that was so wrong that it begs the question of whether or not bribes are still playing their role.

    Then there's the whole "three squares" and eating more smaller meals throughout the day to "stoke the furnace" mindset. It turns out that couldn't be more wrong either. Our bodies have evolved to go through a feast and fast cycle that keeps it in equilibrium and is necessary to replace old, poorly functioning cells with new ones. This has also been shown to have a demonstrable corrolation to dementia.

  2. Shelley T
    ^^^ this comment is better than the article!!
  3. Mary
    Well stated, right to the point!
  4. Leana Foster
    I noticed corn & peas are not listed on anything is corn & peas bad for you?
  5. Jan
    Peas are higher carbs; most US corn is genetically modified (GMO). Neither are eaten by people doing keto or Wheat Belly "clean" ways of eating!

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