“This is real food. I can do this, it makes sense”


So far this year more than 47,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:


Thank you. I am so glad grateful to have found your website. I’m happier, lighter, more mentally alert, no appetite for sugar, and feel free. Now to add in daily exercise to watch the excess weight fly away. I’m spreading the good news to everyone I know.



The Challenge was fabulous –the first I’ve ever been able to complete. It’s been difficult for me to stick with a two-day challenge with just my spouse and myself.

The meals were delicious. The recipes were awesome. I really did expect to lose more than two pounds (1 kg), though. That leaves about 200 pounds (90 kg) to go…

I am so happy I found your site.

Thank you



The shopping lists and recipes were great. Although the English version is OK, I’m looking forward to a Swedish version (regarding the recipes). All tips have been valuable. I’ve lost 3 lbs (1.5 kg) in 14 days and my waist circumference has decreased by as much as 5 cm!
My husband and I will continue a third week. Thank you for that.

Kind regards,
Anne-Marie Söderbäck



I have loved the 2-week program. I only wish that your membership program continues the same with weekly menus and shopping guide. This is something I would pay for weekly. The hardest part about low carb is meal planning. This made it very easy.




It has been wonderful! Thank for this challenge and all the great, delicious recipes. This is exactly what I needed. I’m planning on continuing eating this way for a long time.

Thank you,


I have to admit to not following it as I hoped I would BUT that is mainly because I am super fussy when it comes to food…there are so many things I cannot stomach. What I am finding really hard following a LCHF way of eating is the amount of cheese and more so egg…I don’t mind either but in small amounts and most of the meals are heavily proportioned towards them both. It got to the point I felt sick just looking at them…I have done my own further research however and have some additional meals to add in, though am still struggling truth be known.

HOWEVER without the information from the website and the googling of the various points raised..I would still be sat here with blood sugars over and above 13mmol/l whereas now I am down into the 5’s and 6’s which makes me mega happy…this was never about losing weight for me but a way to control my very recent diagnosis of Type 2 and a hope to reverse it!

Thank you, as Diet Dr has been a key turning point for me even if I was unable to jump into it full heartedly!

Jules (UK)



Hi, the 2 week challenge was a true gift to me. I decided to do it because found myself eating sugar and other carbs constantly. While I have been overweight most of my life, I have managed to keep it from going to the level of bad health – but I didn’t like feeling hungry all the time or feeling a need to have a “stash” of sugar in my desk drawer all the time.

My most successful weight loss attempts have been with Jenny Craig, unfortunately that plan Is based much on portion control and eating multiple times per day – which works as long as I am opening a package and making my meal that way. But that sets a pattern of eating that, once you’re not eating on “plan”, to me was not successful. Eating 6 times a day and choosing bread, sugar or other carbs for those “meals” actually made me obsessive about food. Instead of eating to satiate my hunger I was eating because it was time and I NEVER felt fully satisfied.

Also, I was finding that I never felt “great” anymore. I own my own business as an IT consultant/web developer/technology guru – if my brain is not running at full speed I have a much harder time helping my people make good decisions. I absolutely need to be clear headed to provide the services I want to provide and keep up with the multi-tasking my days involve.

I found “diet doctor” when I jokingly ran a search for “eat all the cheese you want and still lose weight”. I started reading about the LCHF theory and it made sense to me. I had looked at doing Atkins but it seemed like “just another diet” – I knew people were successful at losing weight fast on it but I also noticed most gained it back eventually. I also noticed they push a lot of processed food options and soy. I will not eat soy…

When I looked at the menus for the 2 week challenge I thought “This is real food. I can do this, it makes sense” I also thought “this is a way of eating that I can adopt for a lifetime. I am not a huge meat eater but I can tolerate chicken breasts and beef, so I started with those recipes. From the first day I was dumbfounded at how easy it was to give up sugar, bread, potatoes and other useless calories I had become accustomed to using as meal replacements (because I didn’t want to gain weight but wanted to eat those things). I didn’t think it was possible I would lose any weight eating to be full – but I am!

The only difficult days have been when I didn’t have a good late morning/noon meal. If I do not eat right I do start to “graze”. Even though I graze on the LCHF foods, I don’t ever get full so I end up over eating. For me, having a complete meal (i.e. my 3 scrambled eggs with cheese, peppers and onions) before noon sets the pace for the rest of the day.

I share a home with my 81 year old mother. While she is in fabulous shape in my opinion, she said she wanted to join me on this journey because she knew she was addicted to sugar too and she wants to lose some of her belly fat. (I think she also likes making me do all the cooking and shopping LOL).

While she cannot completely give up her fruits she has made big adjustments and is counting carbs and has completely given up the processed sugars – and feels great!

I don’t know if I will ever get “skinny” eating this way but I will continue to do it because I feel so much better!

For me, losing 3.5 lbs in 2 weeks is just fine – if I can lose 1lb (0.5 kg) per week until I find my “healthy weight” that is just fine as well. My “dream weight” would mean losing another 50lbs (23 kg) – but, in all honesty I don’t think that is my “healthy” weight. If I lose 30lbs (14 kg) and plateau but continue to feel this good I will be happy. And if that takes more than a year, that is ok too. For me this LCHF thing is all about feeling good. Weight loss is just a really cool side effect.

I would like to see more recipes that do not focus on pesto or other strong spices/flavors. But, with the guidance of your site I think I can manage to find what I need.

Thanks for creating your website and making it all make sense.


I really enjoyed the past two weeks challenge. I didn’t find it difficult to cook and eat the delicious food and I was not hungry. I lost some centimetres from my waist, so cheers Dr Andreas for your website and I will continue into week three.



Thank you for all of the great recipes made this two week challenge very easy. I have already been eating this way for about a year but had been snacking a lot and seemed to be more hungry all the time so this was great to get me back eating well, trying to make sure i had left overs for next day and i really enjoyed it.



Dear Dr Andreas,

I really liked the first 2 weeks of the challenge. The recipes were delicious but I did find the food shopping expensive. One thing I found was that some nights I was late home, tired and the last thing I wanted was to cook! So I had to search what to do.

Another thing was that I try to do IF twice a week and wondered if I stick to the 500 cals or just have low cals until dinner? [You could, if you want to do 5:2 fasting. Personally I find 16:8 (like skipping breakfast) easier to do, no counting required /Andreas]

I’d like to keep going with the recipes and emails for another few weeks. I have a weekend away in a fortnight so it will be a good test of my willpower and organisational skills to see if I can stay LCHF the whole weekend.

Thanks for your free website and I hope I keep up my weight loss so far of 7 lbs (3 kg) for the fortnight.



Thank you, I really enjoyed this challenge it was easy and very tasty and I managed to get my husband to do it with me. Do you have a longer plan that you could do with the shopping lists and recipes? [Coming up /Andreas]


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