There’s a 70% risk that this will kill you

How will you die? There’s a 70% risk that it will be from chronic disease, connected to insulin resistance.

So what causes insulin resistance? In this presentation Dr. Ted Naiman explains why you may be insulin resistant, and what you can do about it.

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What Causes Insulin Resistance? – Dr. Ted Naiman

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Insulin and insulin resistance


  1. Daniel Vogel

    Dr Greger is telling us the exact opposite....What is your take on that statement?

  2. SteveM
    I'm open minded to any data. However, two questions come to mind.

    1) How to explain all of the success stories here that follow the keto diet explicitly denounced by Dr. Greger? I.e., can he explain these outcomes that are anomalous based on his theory?

    2) The second question involves the study he initially quoted. So some healthy students were fed high fat for 2 days and others were fed carbs. Then they were given a sugar water test and blood sugar levels were taken thereafter. I don't know the residence profile of insulin as a function of blood sugar, but if the carb group had residual insulin floating around from their meals on top of the insulin released for the sugar water then you'd think that they would process the sugar water faster. In other words was the high fat group actually "insulin resistant" after only 2 days on the diet or did they merely have lower concentrations of insulin to process the sugar from the test?

    Frankly, it's not clear to me why it's taking so long to resolve this dispute. Objectively testing to a firm conclusion (for otherwise healthy people) seems like it should be pretty cut and dry.

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