1. MarkR
  2. This is a great message. Unfortunately, it comes from the same group that tells us we should avoid as much fat as possible and go vegetarian if we can. The CSPI. :|
  3. ThatWriterChick
    CSPI or not... that's tellin' it like it is. I think "diabetes" is an abstract concept for most people. They don't understand what it entails, what the risks are, what the unhappy realities will be once it progresses. The chainsaw sequence said it all.
  4. b-nasty
    The next video should feature a diabetic Santa Claus, who Coke basically turned into the icon he is today.

    Brown poison, honestly. I certainly won't be surprised if there comes a day where the soda giants are sued for knowingly selling/promoting an addictive product that destroys health. The cigarette companies thought they were invincible too.

  5. Excellent video! A truly powerful message that can certainly scare even the hardcore fans of sugary drinks. Thank you for sharing, Dr. Eenfeldt.
  6. Great Video :D
  7. Yang Tjew
    Ha! Tom Naughton (the Fathead guy) would finally find something to agree with CSPI. At last after all those decades of demonizing healthy foods such as coconut oil, Chinese food, and eggs, CSPI gets it right on target by demonizing sugary soft drinks. Hurray!
  8. LOL... this is a take off of the Coke adverts featuring the bears. My son directed these commercials for the superbowl. He hadn't seen this take off and rather enjoyed it. Here is the original ads...


  9. Michelle
    I do agree with you b-nasty, Iawsuits could happen against coke etc. This should also go back to the authorities who allowed so much sugar to flood the marketplace.

    I know this type of sugar is the worst kind and should be avoided at all cost; however, my judgement is still out when it comes to naturally formed sugar that comes with its own antidote; fibre. I'm so confused and reading like crazy at the moment to try and be my own scientist; I want to decide what works for me. Unfortunatley LC-HF does not enable me to lose weight. I have to count calories to do this (and I have tried, believe me). Although, one side effect I have of following a LC-HF diet is that whatever weight I am, I maintain that weight. This information is very useful, because when I reach my target, I know that if I follow a LC-HF diet I will stay this weight forever :) Got to be good, right?

    A very confused, overweight person.

  10. PrimeNumbers
    Although the CSPI are right to demonize sugar, they forget that carbohydrates == sugar.
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  11. carbohydrates ⊃ sugar.
  12. PrimeNumbers
    And upon visiting the web site associated with the movie, it's all anti-beverage company. As much as what they say about sugar being bad for you, their agenda is showing. Their previous demonization of fat is part of the problem, not the solution. They appear to be going just after fizzy colas, leaving the un-educated reader to think that juice drinks (which are fully of sugar) as just fine. As one of their examples they quote that drinks companies only advertise their fruit drinks to the under-12's, but CSPI don't challenge that these fruit drinks have just as much sugar, if not more, than fizzy pop.
  13. Wade Henderson
    The video is fine. Excess consumption of soda is a real problem. On the other hand, equating a can of soda with bowl of oatmeal is silly.
  14. Bret
    Great video, and very funny. I never thought I would be praising CSPI for a job well done.

    I respect this kind of action over those that promote government intervention on food business or consumer choice. The simple reason is that, as others have mentioned, despite being right on this issue and some others, CSPI has a quite backwards understanding (or none at all) of many other important nutritional issues. If we let them influence our government and our laws, we're going to get more than we bargained for.

    I do, however, support efforts such as this to share information, educate, and lead by example.

  15. Tale
    What depresses me is that even though the sugar message is now being driven in the mainstream, there is a complete disconnect about sugar mattering more than in just the subset of junk food they harp on, soft drinks and sweets. Soda is a big problem but it is hardly the only sugar problem in our sugar-laden modern world.

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