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How about being able to see all the latest from your favorite LC / Paleo blogs, everything on one page, always updated? Now there is a way:

What do you think about it? Do you have suggestions for inprovements? Which blogs would you like to see on it?

PS: One of the popular blogs on there may be on its way out. I mostly read it now to understand the confused arguments in favor of the failed conventional wisdom. Apparently even a brilliant thinker can get intellectually lost when his new job requires it. Fascinating and sad. You know who I’m talking about, right?

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  1. Debra from Aus
    I notice Dr. Malcolm Kendrick has started blogging. He wrote "The Great Cholesterol Con". He definitely thinks outside the box.
  2. Alexandra M
    Don't know if you're looking at the comments here anymore. I would encourage anyone with a story to tell to register at the Ancestral Weight Loss Registry:

    (I also agree about opening links in a new window.)

  3. Suzie_B
    I would like to see . He is a doctor specializing in cancer, easy to read for us lay people. It's more about the lifestyle than about cancer. Good writer and funny too! Also has podcasts.

    Also another great blog - by Dr. Attia. He is a founder with Gary Taubes of the Nutrition Science Initiative (NUSI) that should be going soon. His posts should be very informative in the future as well as they have been fantastic in the past. Highly recommend.

  4. Sean
    I think you should consider adding Chris Masterjohn's blog, "the daily lipid", found at

    It's definitely one of the best out there.

  5. Liv
    I think you should add Jack Cruse I follow his blog and find it very interesting. I think his thoughts are ahead of everyone else .
  6. Bong Kim
    LifeZone is not in English.
  7. Lee
  8. Hi Dr. Eenfeldt,

    I would love to see Primal Docs listed here :)

  9. Janknitz
    There are two LC blogs which I have found with consistently good writing and thought-provoking subjects:

    I'd love to see them on your page. I check your page several times a day to look for updates by some of my favorite bloggers. Thanks for doing this!

  10. Zepp
    I think Dr Sigurssons blog is a strong candidate to be in this side!

    He is a Islandish cardiologist wrigting in english on his blog.

    I think he deserv more readers?

  11. stefanolo
  12. Lynne
    Hi Andreas, how about adding Primaldocs to the blog? Denver Diet Doc shared good cholesterol/ inflammation article they posted, simply written but containing easy to follow argument. Just an idea!
  13. Mike
    I think Dr. Ron Rosedale has a very interesting take on LCHF. His blog has some interesting articles. I know he's currently putting a lot of time into a new book project and isn't blogging frequently, but it for sure worthwhile.

  14. bill
    I recommend Dr Georgia Ede's blog for your listing:

    She's doing an N=1 test of nutritional ketosis.

  15. Would you consider adding my blog?

    For the specific Low-carb/weight loss posts:

  16. Excellent resource. I hope you will be able to continue (and build) this.

    I second the idea of adding
    Dr Sigurdsson's blog -
    Dr Kendrick's blog -

    I also suggest:
    David Evans brief 'abstracts' of published research:
    Richard Feinman's excellent (if only occasional) blog:

  17. LynneS
    Please can we see Zoe Harcombe on here? She has just had her first peer reviewed article accepted and its right on track.
    Reply: #68
  18. Zepp
    Any link to that article?
  19. LynneS

    See the second article down- Harcombe et al

  20. Zepp
    "Findings: The Seven Countries study classified processed foods, primarily carbohydrates, as saturated fats. The UK government and NICE do the same, listing biscuits, cakes, pastries and savoury snacks as saturated fats."


  21. Hi!
    Hope it's OK to suggest a site that I'm participating on ... (No, not my own. ;-) )
    The new international site about LCHF:
  22. lotte
    I miss nomnompaleo! Many fantastic recepies!!!
  23. A new website/blog in English about natural food/LCHF. Low carb, healthy fat, low chemical, non GMO, mental health, exercise........

    Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

  24. leila
    Hi , I need some advice please. this is my 5th day with low carb. diet with the hope of loosing 5 kg. I am using recommended oily food with my meals( ,high fat cheese, protein and vegetables). I am still hungry 1 hour after my meals. I must say I am hungry but not shaking for food as I used to do when I was using a lot of carb.
    1. Am I going to get use to this and be less hungry as time goes on?
    2. How much more fat do I need to add to my diet to avoid hunger ?
    3. Has any body else had this problem?

    Many thanks for advice.

    Reply: #75
  25. Zepp
    Its a beginners problem.. some get hungry all the time, others lose there apetite.. and there is only one solution to both problems.. eat till its gone!

    Its different things that happens.. first your brain is used to get a glucose spike.. it realy like that.. and reward you by giving you a dopamine kick!

    Soo.. your brain is screaming for glucose.. and think it gonna die if you dont eat any carbs.

    Try to ad a spoon of butter at a time to se where the limit goes.

  26. Kentu
    I love, it's terrific! [Maybe the Paleo... commununity should give you a special award?] Anyway, this old codger says Thank You.
  27. Modesty
    May be you can consider this blog -
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  29. Tara
    I really enjoy reading He has a ton of great recipes and went through a weight loss journey using a LCHF diet. He always writes about health, ketosis for sports and exercise. I really recommend you add it to your list!

    Love your blog!!! :)

  30. Monique
    Nora Gedgaudas' book 'Primal Body, Primal Mind' is what got me started on LCHF/Paleo. It's such a fantastic book and an excellent foundation for anyone starting a LCHF/Paleo/Primal lifestyle. Extremely good read! She's a Nutritional Consultant and Clinical Neurofeedback Specialist and makes some excellent connections between the diet and the neurological system. She has a site/blog: which I highly recommend putting on here!
  31. LW
    Talks that Prof Tim Noakes do every month on a south african radio station: find it here
  32. Zepp
    Hey.. Guys and Gals.. listen to Noakes.. he explain it a lot better in one our then I done for years!

    SA is lucky having this guy explaning dificult things.. and he is polite and not condeming too!

  33. Karin
    Could you comment (or do you already have an article) on fiber and LCHF? Do they count? Does it matter what type of fiber it is?
    - Thanks
  34. Joe
    Maybe you should consider this website
  35. Tom
    I think you should add Prof Noakes site -
  36. Freeman Brown
    re: Free the Animal: Richard Nikoley: "Maya Angelou: Commie in Service of the Nomenclatura. Who Gives a Fuck She’s at Room Tempurature [sic]?"

    This blog entry has nothing to do with the goal "to spread new knowledge, dispel old myths and to inspire you on the road to impressive health." I am confident that the Diet Doctor website will remove this particular link. (I did enjoy what Nikoley wrote about resistant starch and I am grateful that the Diet Doctor website linked to those blog entries on "Free the Animal.")

  37. Ken
    Check out Ted Naiman MD at .He also has two great briefing on LCHF at .The first concerns Diet and the second Exercise. I think your readers will enjoy them both.

    Also, I just finished reading a great all round LCHF book by Grant Petersen called-Eat Bacon, Don't Jog. It is a very comprehensive guide to the LCHF

    Both these authors are worth a serious look for your site.

  38. Annlee
    I would suggest adding to the list - they post infrequently, but thoroughly.

    Interesting recipes at - not all truly LCHF, but pretty good.

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