The greatest gathering of low-carb experts ever?

What a gathering. The picture is from the night before the start of the LCHF conference in South Africa. Among many other low-carb experts you can see professor Tim Noakes, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Dr Eric Westman, Dr Jeffrey Gerber, Dr Michael Eades, Dr Mary Eades, Dr Jay Wortman and professor Stephen Phinney. And Zoë Harcombe who wrote the article about saturated fat that made headlines around the world last week. The next day Gary Taubes turned up as well.

Likely there has never been a greater gathering of LCHF experts in the same place before.

I’m happy to be here. You probably understand the lack of updates recently on the blog. I’ll be back soon with new energy and new insights.


  1. Luciano
    So great! So many experts in the same table reminds me that famous "Solvay Conference" picture, where so many scientists was there.
    Nice to see it!
  2. Annie
    Fantastic ! Intrigued to know what was on the menu that night ?
  3. tz
    Note how the picture shows a bunch of thin people.
    Also, pictures of the lunch here would only be fair.
    No donuts, soda, and crisps, I bet.
  4. Peggy Holloway
    Will this conference always be in South Africa? I'd love to attend and Jeff Gerber has encouraged me to come and "share my story" (I'm in Keto Clarity and my son is a patient at Dr. Gerber's clinic in Denver). However, as I'm becoming "an old-age pensioner" soon, I just can't afford a trip to South Africa!
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  6. Adrian
    Where is Gary Taubes? It isn't the best pic if he isn't there.
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  7. Jan
    Just wish I was there - but I am enjoying following all that is happening at the LCHF Conference.

    I'm asking the same question as Annie " Intrigued to know what was on the menu that night ? "

    All the best Jan

  8. tony
    Hey Charlie, you are obsessed with JM. Your life revolves around him. You have become his slave. He has a permanent space in your brain.
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  9. Gerhard
    You guys will go down as the legends who reversed the course of modern dietary history. Thank you!
  10. Dan
    Y'know, those plates need some CHEESE on them!

    And I'm thinking...if, God forbid, a bomb went off in that room....the first place the authorities would have to look would be at the headquarters of Coca-Cola! :)

  11. Caylee
    The meat and dairy industry must love these guys ;)
  12. Dean
    They said Gary turned up the next day. Maybe they can get another pic when he turns up.
  13. Apicius
    Breakfast of champions!
  14. Dan
    You know, it just occurred to me what this photo reminds me of: Those early shots of the original Mercury Astronauts at the dawn of the NASA space program. The pioneers who would usher in a new world. And it is TRUE! You HAVE and will continue to!
  15. Patricia
    It was amazing ,I was there yesterday ,you were great .Cape Town was so lucky ,thank you.
  16. alien
    Conference looks great. Hope there were some paleo peeps there as well. Shame it is called LCHF. Prefer just low carb. Makes people think they need to eat high fat to lose weight. low carb moderate fat and burn the fat from your body. Wasted a year on LCHF and now reduced fat to moderate upped the protein feel better and the weight is coming off. Check out the macros on Optimal Ketogenic Living just as Stephen Phinney has in his book. It is not high fat eating when you are overweight. Eat your body fat first.
  17. Dennis Hastings
    LCHF is a PART of the food learning process but not an end in itself. The take away from Andreas Eenfeldt's book LCHF revolution is - 1. Don't be afraid of fat and 2. There's a definate, huge DIFFERENCE between real food carbs and junk food carbs but real food carbs are actually good for us as long as total calories don't go over maint. - 20%.

    Calories out minus calories in is still the most important consideration regarding weight loss such as maint. level calories minus 20%. Fat calories should be no more than approx. 25% of that maint. minus 20% number. By following a real food lifestyle it's not only very easy but also very enjoyable and effective.

  18. John Hale
    You people represent the holy grail of dietary truth and enhanced longevity. Amazing to fly in the face of ill advice and claw your wonderful ideas into a terribly conditioned human psyche! Thank you for rescueing this 73 year old from a shortened life. Never fear the fat!
  19. GoodStew
    @alien... funny you should say that... My experience was exactly the opposite. I didn't lose body fat until I lowered the protein and upped my fat intake.
  20. Monica
    welcome to south africa-- I am sure you were very pleased with the number of people here who are Banting!! I hope you had a good and fruitful time. regards,
  21. judy
    Great to see an Aussie lchf expert, Christine Cronau, in the photo, too

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