Credit Suisse: The future is lower carb, higher fat

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The fear of fat is a thing of the past. In the coming years demand for fat will soar worldwide, while demand for carbohydrates will fall. The entire world will start eating higher fat, lower carb diets (on average).

This is what a big report from Credit Suisse predicts, based on trends and the evolving medical scientific knowledge.

Bloomberg Business: No Bread, Please, Just Pass the Butter as Fat Demand to Soar

PRNewswire: Credit Suisse Publishes Report on Evolving Consumer Perceptions about Fat

The report:

Credit Suisse Research Institute: Fat: The New Health Paradigm


The report is fascinating reading and I highly recommend the first two pages (introduction and summary). It gives you a quick look into how expert prognosticators look at the evolving debate.

  • Fat is on its way back in a big way and there are no longer any valid scientific reasons to fear saturated fat or cholesterol in the diet. Global demand will rise by 43 percent by 2030.
  • Carbohydrates are the main cause of the epidemics of obesity and diabetes. More and more people understand that. The worldwide consumption will fall by 8.3 percent by 2030 (despite a growing population).
  • Surveys by the institute show that a majority of nutritionists and doctors still have outdated beliefs about fat and cholesterol, incorrectly believing it to be bad for cardiovascular health. Modern science shows this belief to be false, according to the report. This fact is likely to spread fast as more and more experts update their knowledge.

The future is lower carb, higher fat.


  1. Kat
    Great read thanks - interesting my husband and I were at the Dr only yesterday and the Dr mentioned his cholesterol was on the high side and he should think about diet modification... I hope this information catches on quickly!
  2. Apicius
    This is of no surprise. According to a cardiovascular disease study conducted in Europe a few years ago, Switzerland was surveyed as having the highest rate of saturated fats being consumed, with a resultant correlated lowest rate of cardiovascular disease in comparison to other European peers. The study showed that the European countries with highest consumption of saturated fats had less disease, and vice versa with higher cardio disease for countries with higher carb consumption. Check out the 2012 survey at this link:
  3. Joe
    We understand where fat consumption is going - Up. What are some legitimate investment opportunities to take advantage of the trend?
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  4. Apicius
    Excellent question, Joe!!!
  5. Eric
    Butter, eggs, beef, and salmon
    Just say no to sugars and refined carbohydrates along with good bye seed oils
  6. bill
    I'm about half way through it and my eyes are tired
    but it is astounding how good a report it is. I highly
    recommend reading it. It pulls all the pertinent info
    together from all the books recommended here over
    the past few years. Credit Suisse appears to get it
    completely right. Bravo!

    Now, let's see how much influence this has.

  7. Elizabeth
    I have several people who are certain I will die from eating saturated fat. They are also certain carbs are essential, protein will ruin my kidneys, and I will starve to death eating only 2 small meals a day.
    I have lost 24.4 pounds since 6/15/15 and feel great. My weight and inches are still coming down. It is the easiest diet I have ever been on. I am never hungry and my energy holds steady even when I miss one of my 2 meals a day.
    Maybe this information will help them change their minds. The low-fat brainwashing was really effective and it will take a lot of work for them to believe that saturated fat is good for them. These kinds of reports are very helpful.
    LCHF is how I intend to eat from now on.
  8. BobM
    It really is a fantastic report. Just unbelievable. They not only got it completely right (as far as I can tell), but they lambaste the current dogma.
  9. Tamarah
    This is Amazing news I hope it is something that goes VIRAL,, How can we get this out to social media so it can be seen and heard because its going to take a while for people to wrap their heads around it. We as Americans are so damn tired of being lied to . We really just need the truth and nothing but the truth about how to live a healthy Lifestyle . I try and pass it on but people just look at m elike I have 3 heads . I could go on fpr hours,, but I wont.

    THNAKS for this amazing news !!

  10. Ricardo Herrera
    Richard from Panama:
    Sugar and refine carbohidrates are behind the epidemic of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes

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