The Four Characteristics of Big Soda (BS) Nutrition Propaganda


How do you know whether nutritional advice is the result of Big Soda propaganda? Here are the top four deceitful claims by the sugar-sweetened beverage industry:

  1. It’s all about calories (and it’s your fault you’re obese).
  2. You should focus on physical activity rather than fitness and weight loss.
  3. Obesity is the root of the problem – not the metabolic syndrome.
  4. Obesity and chronic disease are complicated, and won’t respond to a simple strategy like cutting out sugar.

Unfortunately, these statements are misleading and highly ineffective when it comes to treating obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The only ones who benefit from them are the profits of Big Soda.

Learn more in this great article:

The Russells: The Four Hallmarks of Big Soda (BS) Nutritional Propaganda

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