The food revolution

The Food Revolution

The conference so far is absolutely great. Probably the best I have ever been to. Today I’ve listened to some fascinating talks from Robert Lustig (even better than his Bitter Truth-talk), Mark Sisson (about play) and a mindblowing talk on dental caries and malocclusion (overbites, crooked teeth etc).

Updates will have to wait a few more hours because I’m preparing for my own talk called “The Food Revolution”. Links for those of you who have just seen it:


  1. Looking forward to hearing more from you on all of this.
  2. Andreas, I thought you gave a fantastic talk! Beautifully presented and amazing content. You beautifully blended great scientific content with inspiring stories and elegant graphics. I hope it will be seen widely. I was inspired to hear that the LCHF approach is being supported by the Swedish medical authorities and heartened to hear about the changes taking place there. Meanwhile, in this country it's becoming hard to find products that aren't "nonfat" or "lowfat" and sugar is being added to everything.
  3. Thank you, Andreas, for giving what many are calling the best talk at the first annual Ancestral Health Symposium. It was an extreme pleasure to meet you and hear about the great work you are doing on the forefront of the medical battlefield and about the success in penetrating into the policy makers at the level of the Swedish government.


  4. Patrick Harty, MD

    I really enjoyed your lecture at the Ancestral Health Symposium. Definitely one of the best of the weekend. Your work is both amazing and inspiring.

    Pat Harty

  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks a lot!

    Wow. Cool. Does that mean I stand a chance of being invited again next year? :)

    Thank you!

    The talk will soon be available to see here. I'll upload it to YouTube in a few days.

  6. Going forward, the symposium will operate a bit more like a conventional scientific conference, in which only a small minority of the speakers will be invited, and the remainder will be those who self select to attend and give a presentation. As a member of the society, you will receive the annual call for presentations to the symposium. I hope you will return!
  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    If it's anything like this year, wild horses couldn't drag me away.
  8. Pellefant

    I am sorry but I think Doc is extrapolating a bit when he draws the conclusion that LCHF is supported by the medical authorities in Sweden.

    LCHF was not approved by the Swedish board for national health ( in Sweden, it was on doctor Annika Dahlqvist that was investigated (after a formal complaint from a dietitian) whether she had broken the rules of Science and re-known practice. She was not found to have broken these rules and that her treatment was in accordance with the rules. Socialstyrelsen said that decision is not a general recommendation.

    Furthermore, Swedish Council on Health Technology Assessment (SBU) when assessing food for Diabetics. They found were low support for both the current low-fat recommendation or low-carb variant. But their still recommend foremost low-fat for those patients.

    However there after several high profile and respected MDs and professors that support eating less carbs in Sweden. However the change is big in Sweden and I hope with the current investigation the SBU is doing regarding treatments for obesity that they will recommend low-carb as a serious option.

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