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I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Moore’s podcast. He’s recorded close to 500 episodes, with amazing guests, and I’ve listened to most of them.

The latest episode features me (as well as Norwegian LCHF-guru dr Hexeberg). It feels a bit weird, to say the least, but it was a lot of fun recording it with my good friend mr Moore. Listen here:

The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show 494: The Scandinavian LCHF Movement Featuring Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt And Dr. Sofie Hexeberg


  1. Erik

    OT: Are you done editing the AHS video?
    Me and my family have been waiting to see your lecture.
    Please don't say I have to wait another week! ;-)

  2. Jimmy does a great job. If memory serves me well, he has a background in broadcasting.


  3. Peter
    Just listening the show. I see you are interested in preventative medicine. Two huge names. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dean Ornish. Clinically proven method to reverse heart disease without surgery.

    Last week CNN broadcasted 1-hour document how to reverse heart disease. Including aforementioned and the South-Beach Diet guy, along with Bill Clinton declaring veganism...etc. The good stuff happens at the end of the documentary. Make sure to check it out to the end. This is where we are heading....too bad you had the wrong bandwagon...:) Whether you are remembered after couple of years remains to be seen :)

  4. Peter
    Don't miss Michael Greger MD report on LCHF. Very good stuff, lot of preventative medicine and high quality sources...

  5. Peter
    Here's the 4-min promo video. CNN's chief medical correspondent telling whether is possible to reverse heart disease. Yes, with low-fat veganism. Huge stuff for your patients Andreas. Make sure not to miss it. After all you took the oath for your patients not for your book sales.

    It's mainstream now.

  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks for the tips.

    You are welcome to discuss here, but if you are only interested in writing endless comments spreading your own vegan message I will have to block you. You can start your own blog for that. Spamming someone else's blog is rude.

  7. Peter

    Sorry, that was rude indeed. But I got so excited about this, and I thought you'd too. (Don't think about this "veganism" as a political party who you don't like). It's mainstream in the US now, also soon in Sweden after couple of years. Think, CNN tells millions of Americans, that heart disease can be reversed with food, without surgeries. At the top of this the patients report sky-rocketing energy levels. Incase you don't want to see the whole 1-hour document, watch the first 4-min video on the vegsource link. As the TV host says "incredible".


  8. FrankG
    Well you sure have me convinced Peter :-) I doubt that I even need to watch the 4 minute promo after such glowing reports from a reputable source like you. Wow! Thank you for saving me the bother of watching these links by telling me what to think about them... such a time-saver AND I don't even need to think for myself anymore! How could I have been so wrong all these years.

    So when exactly does the ship depart for the Vega system?

  9. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Since you either did not understand or ignored me I put you in the moderation queue.


  10. Stephanie O.
    I am glad you blocked him Doc, Vegetrollians should not distrubute Spam. He might have to turn in his Vegetrollian membership card with that much canned meat being thrown around.
  11. FrankG
    Congratulations to Doctor Andreas on the interview with Jimmy Moore. Well worth the listen. Thanks.
  12. Greg
    Let's not be too harsh on the veggies. I was one for 10 years, and if you consume the conventional wisdom, low-fat vegetarianism is an almost inescapable conclusion of what makes a healthy diet. I even consider myself a skeptic, and a good skeptic knows when to defer to official, credentialed sources rather than wasting his own time. I read GCBC because I heard it was good, and I thought it might finally answer my questions about complex carbohydrates and different types of fats, with a focus on the science. It focused on the science all right... anyway, vegetarian LCHF is totally possible even though I have since given it up. Our ire should be directed at spammers, not necessarily at vegetarianism.
  13. Dr J
    Andreas, I admire your patience. I would have banned him after he said Taubes was obese (previous thread). Such an obvious bullsh***er.

    Greg - I was a vegetarian for 17 years, right up to the point where I developed type 2 diabetes. I have nothing against vegetarianism, per se. I actually admire people who feel strongly enough about animal rights that they are willing to risk their own health. It's when they try to convince others that it is the healthiest way of eating that it becomes an issue.

  14. Funderaren
    The problem with any vegan, is that health issues are always a secondary concern. So every time they claim we should go vegan for our health, we know that its not their real agenda.
  15. Michael Cohen
    A QUESTION for Peter the vegan. If the vegan lifestyle is the most natural for man, why are there NO traditional vegan cultures? I was macrobiotic for several years, even cooking in a small restaurant kitchen. I was surrounded by vegan types. Veganism may seem on the surface a very "life positive" position, protecting the lives of all of those poor animals, protecting the planet and all of that, but not too far under the surface is a very strong life negative puritanical component. One has to ignore or overcome some very strong messages from one body(911 calls) to remain a vegan for any length of time. TRY the Ornish or McDougal regimes for a few weeks and see how you feel. See what happens to your triglycerides.Eat lots of soy and see what happens.
    I was doing all of the “right” things for most of my life. Avoiding sugar and ALL processed foods, and getting most of my calories from whole grains like organic brown rice, whole wheat chapattis and legumes.I minimized animal fats and ate almost no dairy. I exercised regularly and my job involved walking 2-5 miles every day. Yet with all of this my 60th birthday found me 40 lbs overweight. I developed GERD so severe that I ended up in the emergency room several times thinking that I was having a heart attack. I also suddenly developed really crippling Arthritis in my neck and shoulders. My cholesterol was “high” and so were my triglycerides. My DOCTORS (plural) solution for the GERD was a lifetime of nexium and prilosec. The solution for the arthritis was a lifetime of drugs like celebrex. The solution for the cholesterol,since my “low fat” diet was not working, was of course statins. A lifetime of toxic drugs was unacceptable to me so i did my own research and the cascade of information began. I eliminated ALL grains from my diet and went low carb. In two days the GERD disappeared. In ten days the arthritis simply went away. I lost over 20 lbs in six weeks without hunger or cravings. One day at a restaurant I had the equivalent of two slices of bread with a smoked meat platter and woke up the next morning with my neck and shoulder ablaze again.
  16. Andreas, you've officially arrived on the American diet blogging've been invaded by a veg*n! LOL! You did well handling him and I'm proud of the job you did on my podcast. Keep it up my friend.
  17. Don in Arkansas
    I listened to Jimmy's podcast and really enjoyed your interview. I have lost significant weight on low carb several times in the past only to regain it after 'relapsing' into old habits. I am now 65 years old and in relatively good health but again find myself needing to lose 60+ pounds. I find that low carb is not nearly as effective for me (for weight loss) as it has been in the past. I certainly feel better when I don't eat too many carbs, especially wheat-based carbs, but the weight loss just doesn't happen as it used to. It may sound like a stupid question, but can your body become 'immune' to the low carb process? Any thoughts from you would be appreciated.
  18. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Don,
    I do not think that you become "immune" to low carb. But I do think it usually becomes harder to lose weight as you become older.

    Another problem may be relying on special "low carb" products such as low carb bread, low carb pasta etc. Look out for those, they can derail anybody's weight loss.

  19. Milton
    @Greg (12): "Let's not be too harsh on the veggies."

    It's not that vegetarianism/veganism is necessarily bad or good, or a desire to stop people from discussing such diets and advice here. But this is the second time that a person has spent time making a large number of posts both promoting that diet and implying (if not outright stating) that the LCHF approach is wrong or bad for us. The impression I get is not that they are interested in discussing dietary approaches, as much as they want to overwhelm us with what is essentially a sales pitch.

    I don't eat LCHF (I eat a more balanced diet) but I come here because I support the idea that dietary fat is not bad for us, that on the contrary fat (particularly saturated fat) are necessary for good health and does not hinder weight loss if we take a smart approach. There are plenty of places to discuss alternative diets and lifestyles, and I suspect that many of those sites would not welcome someone posting lots and lots of pro-LCHF messages and links.

  20. Steve L
    Just heard you and Sofie Hexeberg on Jimmy Moore's podcast. Very good - worth listening to.

    As an aside, my wife and I (we are both Australians) we both amused when Dr Hexeberg, replying to one of Jimmy Moore's questions, said that her book has been translated into English as well as the American language..... :-) :-)


  21. Greg
    @Milton (19)

    Yes, I see. I suppose I shouldn't have buried my point as the last sentence: let's focus our ire on spammers, not vegetarians per se.

    Have any of you been to ? There are a number of people convinced by LCHF who are trying to do it as vegetarians, and seemingly succeeding. More power to them.

  22. Don
    Caldwell Esselstyn MD "studies" were hardly scientific and certainly not controlled. Loaded with bias.

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