The biggest mistake in obesity research


Here is a slide from one of the least insightful talks at the obesity conference. Obesity is “caused” by a positive energy balance, by “eating to much and lack of exercise”.

This is the biggest mistake on the subject. Developing obesity is of course associated with a positive energy balance. That’s just basic physics. But “caused by”? With the same lazy logic constipation is caused by eating too much and not pooping enough.

Of course constipation is caused by something else. Like obesity.


  1. moreporkplease
    LOL. When people tell me this, I always walk through Gary Taubes dialogue ( with them. Usually it ends differently, tho. Usually by the third question the prejudice comes out: "Because they are weak-willed gluttons.' That's when you know you're just not dealing with a scientific mind. :)
  2. I think Hyperlipid's redrawing of the situation is more accurate
    However there are faint signs of common sense filtering through the system.
    Length and site of the small intestine exposed to fat influences hunger and food intake. However the response to "ileal brake activation offers an interesting target for the regulation of ingestive behaviour" should be how can we reintroduce traditional saturated fats into the diet to enable that to happen naturally but I've no doubt the researchers have their development eyes on synthetic patented forms of cholecystokinin (CCK), glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), peptide YY (PYY).
  3. After my sleeve gastrectomy I can state that yes, eat less, lose weight. But I was craving sweets CONSTANTLY before my VSG and not so much now. There is so much more to this than just eat less and exercise, which makes you hungry.

    Dr. Eenfeldt, later this year I hope to be moving to Norway. I hope you will be lecturing in English some time in 2012 in Scandinavia. I'll be happy to make the trip to hear you.

  4. JAUS
    #3 How about learning some Swedish? It's very easy: ;) :D
  5. Jaus: Bull-pucky. Languages are major undertakings that require years, not some minor hobby for weekends. I'll be learning Norwegian. We are always most comfortable with our first languages.
  6. Rick Lindquist MD
    Yes, One of the least useful presentations due to the simplified calorie in = calorie out argument.

    He did, however, emphasize one good thing: the value of journaling, because just about all of us, low carb or not, don't know what we eat. I had to leave early before my head exploded.

    I am impressed that he came to talk with us, and that he admitted to being on the food pyramid council, and I am impressed that I didn't get up and shout and dance and make a gleeful scene, somehow.

    PS, Dr. Andreas, nice interview with Dr. Lustig.


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