The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics attempts to hide ties to Big Soda

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The largest group of nutrition professionals in the United States (The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) are apparently trying to hide their ties to Big Soda:

Mic: Leaked Emails Reveal Largest Group of Dietitians Wants to Hide Ties to Big Soda

We recently wrote about how a Coke consultant, who’s spreading advice in favor of Big Soda, is running for president of the organization. And now attempts are being made (such as demanding posts about conflict of interest to be taken down) to censor her ties to the industry.

It’s pretty awful that The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics doesn’t support full disclosure of industry ties. After all, they are supposed to promote people’s health over the industry’s interests.


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  1. rulersindo jackson
    Perhaps diet doctor could print a list of these corrupt dieticians.
  2. Catheryn
    It shows a lack of scientific integrity. You always have to declare any potential conflicts of interest on a scientific publication.
  3. Kevin
    Absolute nonsense. HCLF is rubbish and not sustainable. People lose weight because they are eating healthier. Catch a wake up people!! Thermal dynamics - calories in vs calories out, period!
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  4. Peter
    As an engineer, I totally agree with the laws of thermodynamics and what is more, those laws do apply to humans as well. If you put more calories in than you use then you will gain weight. Even though that statement is a fact, one cannot ignore what the body does with those calories, the hormones it triggers, what it stores and even what it might waste. Of great importance is how the human body can both store energy and at the same time signal that it needs more, the more signal (hungar) increases consumption and hence weight gain. Similarly, ignoring those signals can cause some weight loss but it can also tell the body to burn less and again put on weight. Insulin as a signalling mechanism at the heart of controlling all of this seems to make perfect sense to me without negating any laws of thermodynamics.

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