1. Ansive
    Interesting but ultimately chaotic. Frequent interruptions, conflicting ideas and advice.
    I would rather see them in a 1 on 1 interview setting, or listen to them hold a presentation. This debate format can be confusing to people that don't already have a grasp on the topics at hand.
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  2. greensleeves21
    Agreed. Also surprised to see Taubes back away from meat.
  3. Loretta
    I think a lot of LCHF advocates, when discussing obesity and diabetes, are backing away from the over-consumption of meat because they are realizing that the main issue is insulin and insulin resistance. Meat breaks down as glucose and can raise insulin just like carbohydrates, just slower. Speaking from a personal perspective as a Type 2 Diabetic, I went almost completely no-carb. On average, I get 7-15 grams a day, but I was still consuming about 70-90 grams of meat/protein per day. Since cutting my protein consumption back to 60-65 grams per day and upping my fat a little bit, my blood glucose numbers have fallen drastically. I was taking around 150 units of insulin per day between the slow and fast-acting insulins. Now I just take the Janumet, no insulin at all.

    As for the sugar consumption, the woman from India apparently doesn't understand this issue with insulin. Even natural unrefined sugars will still increase insulin and India has a huge diabetes issue. For severe insulin resistant people, we just cannot, in any form, consume sugar. It has to be on a case by case basis though. No one size fits all. Some slightly insulin resistant people could consume small amounts of fruits and dairies. However, highly insulin resistant people, like myself, cannot.

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