Study Shows That Low-Fat Products Contain More Sugar Than Regular

The usual low-fat hoax

The usual low-fat hoax

It’s official. A systematic comparison shows that low-fat products contain more sugar than regular products. When manufacturers take away the fat the flavor disappears too, so they use more sugar to make it taste ok.

Bottom line? Don’t buy low-fat products. Eat real food.

Nutrition & Diabetes: A systematic comparison of sugar content in low-fat vs regular versions of food


“Sugar Is Public Enemy Number One”

UK to Introduce Sugar Tax in Hospitals to Tackle Obesity Crisis

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  1. Apicius
    Yeah...and the best part is the 11% as daily value for the carbohydrates (which contains 26 grams sugar), basically the message there is you can eat the equivalent of approx 9 more of those yogurts. And you will still be under 2000 calories for the day. Oh yah...and it's gluten free. What an effed up system!!!

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