Swedish truck drivers can now eat LCHF almost anywhere

"This week's LCHF-special"   Photo: Tonny V.

“This week’s LCHF-special” Photo: Tonny V.

Here’s road sign by a truck stop called “Rasta” or “Have a break” in Sweden . They serve Low Carb High Fat meals, a new one every week. On the sign we can also read that LCHF is an effective way to lose weight, without hunger!

Not bad, but it gets better:

Apparently they now serve LCHF-food at all Rasta restaurants, all over Sweden. You can find them here:

Rasta locations

How about that? I guess it would be hard to find similar offers in any other country. But in Sweden LCHF is getting ever more popular for losing weight and improving ones health.


  1. kruuann
    that's good idea ..
  2. Pedro
  3. mezzo
    Sounds good to me. And can we be sure they use good fats like butter and lard?
  4. Adam
    You should check out what kind of food they're serving.
  5. yuma
    This is awesome. Undoubtedly, Swedes are way ahead of everybody as far as LCHF.

    BTW, Rasta are members of the Jamaican Rastafari movement, who among other things promote the spiritual use of cannabis.

  6. Zepp
    Noe.. Rasta is the swedish word for take a break!

    Rasta is a chain of motels, focusing on profesional drivers, like truckers.

  7. yuma
    @ Zepp, I know that! All I'm saying that throughout the world the word Rasta conjures images of one of the followers of the aforementioned movement.


    The movement is not Swedish and has nothing to do with the Rasta restaurant chain It's older than the chain, thus the term is mostly associated with a member of the movement rather than a Swedish restaurant.

    You never heard of Bob Marley?

    You are not suggesting they sell ganja at the restaurants, right. Oy vey!

  8. Bob
    Ganja is low-carb !
  9. Galina L.
    What I like about LC eating(besides never being hungry), that it is easy to make food choices and find LC- food options even in US, It would be more challenging for people who try to practice a food reward or low-fat diets.

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