Sugar is now UK consumers’ biggest food worry

Colorful Sweets and Candy in a market

Have the dangers of sugar finally caught up with us? The latest research from The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) reveals that sugar is now the biggest concern for consumers. The latest survey shows that more than 55% of the respondents are worried about sugar consumption.

Other previous concerns for the average UK citizen has been food prices and food safety. The latter is still a top food worry but UK consumers have also reported high trust levels in labeling regulation.

The UK government introduced a tax on hig-sugar beverages this April but the consumers want to take it even further, they want the government to extend the tax to include both biscuits and confectionery as well.

Research shows that adding tax on high-sugar items are raising awareness among common people which, in the long run, will hopefully change peoples’ eating habits.

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  1. Alain
    Just tax sugar at the source.

    More an item contents sugar and more it will cost.

    Start with 1 cent per grams. When the wallet is hit, habits will change.

  2. Jane Chambers
    "...among common people..." opps!

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