1. Andy
    Epic FAIL!
  2. Patrick
    I think it's disappointing that companies like Subway think they want to help stop diabetes by giving customers free cookies when they make a $1 donation. IMO, I feel that it's sending the wrong
    message out there, by promoting these foods that can increase one risk of diabetes. Nice try Subway, I'll pass on the cookies.
  3. LarryB
    Plus bad punctuation, grammar and weird capitalization. (And yes, I know that's a sentence fragment.)
  4. AceV
    Subway has been my go to fast food place for the past few months while on a Ketogenic diet - chopped salad + double meat + ranch dressing = super tasty with about 15-20g of carbs all from the vegetables. :-)
  5. Jan
    Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear.
    Definite pass on the cookies.

    All the best Jan

  6. Mark
    Sickening. Not a dollar needs to be spent on "curing" diabetes. However it seems a lot of $$$ is needed to get the word out about ketogenic diet effects on health, including curing diabetes.
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  7. Nate
    Massively stupid! I used to enjoy replacing their bread with salad, which has been available for maybe 7 or 8 years. Now, I'm too embarrassed to go into the place.
  8. FrankG
    While what you say may be true for Type 2 Diabetes Mark, please don't forget Type 1 Diabetes; for which a cure, or at the very least a more complete understanding of what causes it could improve the health of a great many.. especially the children and teenagers most commonly affected by it.
  9. Fernán
    Not that I can buy Subway here... but if there were one I might buy one of those cookies. I feel it's ok to have a treat from time to time. And yes, more needs to be done about diabetes. I am not sure why, but this blog has become a place for business criticism. There will always be sugary products out there, but the regular visitors of this blog probably already know that. I'd like to see more popular science and tools that can help us follow a low-carb diet :). There could even be information about new companies and products focused on real food that complies with low-carb guidelines and ingredients.
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  10. Randal L. Schwartz
    Subway charges an *extra* dollar (I've heard in some places, two) just to leave *off* the bun. Subway, if you would stop doing that, you'd be doing a lot more to eliminate diabetes!
  11. Bret
    My goodness. How embarrassing. How stupid.

    Not eating at Subway is indeed great advice. The commercialization of Jared Fogle's weight loss success dealt a serious blow to the message of refined carb restriction in mainstream culture. I worked at Subway as a teenager, and business was absolutely booming after that story came out. People asked, quite literally and unsarcastically, "So, eating at Subway will make me lose weight, right?"

    Wish I could call those people now and tell them how much weight Jared has regained.

  12. Tim Austin
    Hahahaha wow...kind of defeats the purpose they should've supported something else like a pink ribbon for breast cancer.

    Tim Austin

  13. Linda
    This message is a bit oxymoronic, don't you think?
  14. Sophie
    Don't be too quick to dismiss Subway as a fast food option. It's one or the rare fast food companies that offer real low carb options: the salads are just as easy to make and create as the sandwiches.

    I don't recall the last time I ate there but if I was stuck in a shopping mall it would be my first choice.

  15. Gregg Sheehan
    I think the irony was the main point of the post, Fernán. Like, "We'll give you a free cigarette if you donate $5 to aid Lung Cancer research". ;-)

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