OMG Very funny ! But true .....
  2. Vicente
    It's a good message for healthy people. But for the other half of the population, for those who are already metabolically impaired, it is not enough.
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  3. Pierre
    "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

    Some people ( a lot actually) prefer to die instead to give up their holy crap.

  4. Chris the Barbarian
    It is incredible hard to get already obese people to change their lifestyle they have maintained for decades, and the only reward left is getting that Junk Food for little money. Unless they want to change themselves, all the campaigning in the world wont do anything.

    Unless governments will intervene with some kind of tax on sugar/junk food, or stops subsidizing the agricultural industry, I see no way out of this. And they will never do something like that, just look at the last 30 years of governmental mishaps on diets and nutrition. Until there is another big war coming, the obesity rate will just get higher and higher. What a mess :(.

  5. chris c
    "Until there is another big war coming"

    Ironically there was an Army PT instructor (can't remember now if UK or US) posting on another blog, bemoaning the fact that since they had started serving the likes of pasta in their field canteens there had been a massive increase in fat, and unfit, soldiers.

    You can't blame THAT on lack of exercise.

  6. Dee
    Losing weight AND keeping it off is easier said than done. There has to be something more to it than telling people to "eat less and exercise more!" Something sinister is happening with our food which affects our minds (or vice versa) and "prevents" us and our bodies from doing the right thing. I do know that we have got to stop blaming the victim; nobody wants to be fat! My stepfather was naturally thin, and he never gained a pound no matter how much he ate. Everyone knows a person who has this advantage. Therefore, if there are people out there who cannot gain weight no matter how much they eat, then naturally it is going to follow that there are people out there who cannot lose weight no matter how little they eat. All we can DO is best by making healthy choices, moving our bodies, and hope that it works. What we do NOT need to do is feel guilty or shameful.

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