A startup churning a profit from ghee, a better for you butter


Another sign that saturated fat is back – a startup specializing in ghee (clarified butter):

Forbes: Meet The Startup Churning A Profit From Ghee, A Better For You Butter

Why choose ghee over butter? Ghee differs from regular butter in a few key ways. It has a high smoke point, meaning unlike butter or coconut oil, it doesn’t easily burn when heated. It’s naturally spreadable, so it doesn’t need to be softened first and it also doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Ghee is lactose-free because it doesn’t contain any milk solids, which are filtered out during the cooking process… [It’s also] high in fat soluble vitamins A, D and E.


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  1. Steffan
    "meaning unlike butter or coconut oil, it doesn’t easily burn when heated"

    What? coconut oil/fat burning? Come on...

  2. Gentiann
    I checked their web site recipes and, ironically, they are listing vegan recipes (is butter vegan????) but no mention of low carb or LCHF..........!!!! they do list Paleo but most of the recipes are vegetarian.
    Their ghee is also very pricey, I think that I'll stick with butter and make ghee myself, which involves very little work. Actually, making a large quantity at once is pretty easy to do .

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