Sign petition to stop “witchhunt” against Professor Tim Noakes

Professor Tim Noakes was recently found innocent after a three-year-long trial, about a low-carb tweet. But even that was not the end, as the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has appealed the not guilty verdict.

To make things worse, the HPCSA also gets to appoint the committee hearing the case. Effectively they get to judge their own appeal.

This doesn’t look like justice. It looks like a witchhunt against a respected scientist who dares to question nutritional dogma. If you want to protest against this, you can sign a new petition. It went live a week ago and now has over 7,000 signatures: Health Professions Council of South Africa: Prof Tim Noakes: Stop the Witchhunt Against Him

More background and comments from Professor Noakes:

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  1. Albany
    Signed petition already. I hope many of your members do to. It really is a witch hunt against Prof Noakes and LCHF or any alternate nutritional view and against scientific evidence. People can make their own food choices however they want but need to have the evidence available to them before making that choice.
  2. Rosalind
    Petition signed. This appeal would be a total farce. I have watched all of Prof Noakes testimony that is available and this case is a milestone in my opinion. The right verdict was reached. You cannot, in my opinion, keep re-trying a case if you are unhappy with the verdict...especially when you are wrong. As a scientist I have lost fail in nutritionalists. When will they stop defending failed policy and help people. They could turn a negative into a huge positive if only they had the foresight and came at it from a place of support and not fear.
  3. Jennifer Bowerman
    Signed the petition and put it on my Facebook page. What a shocking miscarriage of justice. Using money and power to manipulate the law to get the decision that you want!
  4. Pierre
    Some lobbies are frustrated.

    So much money is at stake, particularly drugs for illness caused by junk food.

  5. Ann
    Just signed the petition.
    I believe the HPCSA is no longer fit for purpose and its members should vote to dismiss the current incumbents in favour of those who have no vested interests and who represent their fellow humans with integrity and scientific rigour.
  6. Margaret
    Just signed petition! Dr Noakes is a highly ethical man and a wonderful person who is a great example of what a doctor should be. Have been sharing with many people about him. As a medical professional, I applaud his courage. We need to support him.
  7. John
    Signed the petition!
  8. Ewa
    petition signed!!!!!

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