1. Aline
    Incredible! But being a doctor myself and thinking about how to best broach the subject of LCHF and it´s benefits to friends and fellow doctors I´ve realised more and more that a lot of the (especially doctors) might not want to hear about it because they would have to admit having been wrong and giving the wrong advice for however many years. And on top of that, many might fear being put out of business: what will we do without the diabetics, the obese, the people with chronically infected wounds, without patients who need their gallbladders removed and cancers treated?
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  2. Marcy
    The diet plate in the 1950's and 1960's was a hamburger patty, full fat cottage cheese and sliced tomatoes. It worked--there were a lot less overweight people in those decades. Why change what worked? All the grains and corn are government subsidized here in the U.S.--that is why they are recommended. It is all about money.
  3. Apicius
    Aline, I'm really disturbed by what you wrote. Are you serious when you say that doctors fear losing their jobs if number of diabetics, obese and sick decrease? I hope you are joking.
  4. Apicius
    Dr Eenfeldt, how about adding Fettke's website blog link to those on this website? There is some great info on there that readers on this site may enjoy reviewing, too...
    This is the link to Fettke's site:
  5. Marion
    I grew up raised in France by a French Mom. My plate was meat or fish and veggies cooked with butter and ONE slice of bread. Sounds very Keto to me :-))
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  7. Theresia
    I believe in Freedom of Thought and Speech as principle number one
    For me this certainly includes the way I can eat, grow my food and have a treatment of my choice
    May we all go for the Truth first and not for the money
  8. Gennie
    I agree with where your coming from Aline. Sorry Apicus, its not a joke. Its deadly serious. When my kids were at school we arrange a defensive driving course for them before they got their full licences. At the course, we asked the instructor, an ex law enforcement officer, why it wasn't standard practice for all Learner Drivers. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "How will they employ the Accident and Emergency Staff?" Sometimes the Truth is ugly.

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