The seven mistakes people make on a keto diet


If you want to maximize your chances of succeeding on a keto diet, then this article is for you. It explains seven common mistakes which can be avoided if you are aware of them.

But remember – making mistakes is part of learning how to keto:

If you’re making mistakes it means you’re in the game.

Mindful Keto: Do you make these 7 keto mistakes?

Low-carb basics

Common questions

Weight loss


Keto for beginners

Change your environment and win the keto battle

Is sugar sneaking into your keto diet?


  1. Claudette
    Love this article great information! Kudos to dietdoctor for putting out great articles that help me stay lchf and healthy.
  2. Joanne
    Four and a half years on LCHF/IF. After losing 85 lbs, I reached my goal weight (145 lbs) a year ago and now maintain. It is indeed very good advice to prevent the "yearning-for-perfection" to become the enemy of "good-enough" to reach your goal. The bête noire of my eating regime was/is crunchy fried chicken livers from the Big Rooster Cafe. I eat 'em like popcorn, just not so often as to thwart my long term goal. Oh, and I open a bag of pig skins (fried pork rinds) while I shop at the grocery store and nibble. If I still have some when I get home, I dip them in mashed avocados. Knocks the hunger out for hours and is sure to keep my hunger under control when shopping at the grocery. LCHF is the only diet I've ever been on that satisfies my craving for a good fried crunch in the mouth.
  3. J
    Hi are pig skins like pork scrachi gs?
  4. Peter Phelps
    One thought that has helped me lately is this

    Carbs are a limit
    not to be exceeded as they trigger insulin and fat storing

    Protein is a target
    an ideal amount (1gram / lb of lean body weight) to be aimed for every day

    Fat is a lever
    that controls satiety and fat loss/gain. Lower this to lose weight and raise to maintain.

    I have started to lower my fat intake in order to try and restart my weight loss. Mainly nuts/yoghurt/butter/cream. We will see how it goes.

  5. Jim
    I liked the comment about fat being a lever, I have been on keto for 3 mths, I love the satiety feeling and not being hungry all the time when I am losing weight and no cravings, but I plateaued for a couple of weeks, so I calculated the fat I was taking in for breakfast one morning and it was 78g, scrambled eggs with whipping cream cooked in olive oil,bacon and spinach cooked in butter, all the things I loved, so I thought I would decrease that a bit and now I am losing again live and learn.

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