New study: Salads are healthier with full-fat dressing


Thinking you’re making yourself a favor by choosing a low-fat salad dressing? It is time to think again!

A new study finds that you absorb more nutrients from vegetables if you choose a full-fat dressing, compared to a low-fat variant.

The study assessed the vegetables’ bioavailability – the proportion of the nutrients that are actually absorbed by your digestive system after you eat a certain food. A food with a low bioavailability wouldn’t provide your body with much nutrition, while a food with higher bioavailability gives you more bang for the buck.

The bioavailability of vegetables dressed with full-fat dressings was much higher than that of vegetables without fatty dressing. So eating those under-dressed vegetables could be less efficient for you than enjoying a fattier bed of greens.

Additionally, full-fat salads simply taste better. Check out our most popular high-fat salads below!



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  1. Aleksander
    It's a bit of an overstatement, when saying that carotenes (A-vitamin) gets absorbed at a higher level when eating it with fat, is the same as all nutrients or just nutrients get absorbed better. A-vitamin (a fat soluble vitamin) is not all "nutrients"...

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