Sad but true

This would be funny if it weren’t so true. We feel way too secure when taking potentially dangerous drugs. And yet we’re afraid of simple, safe and effective lifestyle interventions.

Someone might object that there’s no proof that a diet change can help in depression. True. But it’s also true that antidepressants have been proven not to work in mild or moderate depressions. So statistically you’re likely better off betting on the diet change.

The probable reason that antidepressants are still commonly used in this situation is the massive advertising and misleading information from Big Pharma. This includes GSK committing scientific fraud causing the death of children and recently paying a $2 BILLION fine for it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to promoting new blockbuster drugs, this appears to be par for the course. The settlements are huge, but the enormous profits are many times bigger. So Big Pharma keeps exaggerating the benefits and hiding the dangers of their drugs.

So what should we be most careful with: falsely marketed, experimental drugs or real food? Everyone ought to know the answer.


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  1. Lori Miller
    Yes, and doctors are screening people for depression no matter what they're seen for. I had a puncture wound looked at and also got a depression screening.
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    That screening is quite a waste of taxpayer dollars, when the expensive treatment is no better than placebo, and can have unpleasant side effects.
  3. Corrie E.
    Just before I decided to start a LCHF way of eating a couple of years ago, my blood sugar was getting worse and worse, my cholesterol was getting higher, blood pressure was up. Doc was getting ready to put me on diabetes medication and prescribed a statin. I told her to wait on the diabetes meds as I wanted to see if I could get control of my blood sugar on my own. I went ahead and took the statins for a while.

    Started the LCHF and statins at the same time...A1c spiked, I felt achy/tired. Did a little research, and found that statins can actually INCREASE a person's risk of diabetes (not to mention what it does to your muscles). WHY would they prescribe this to a diabetic??? I quit the statins on my own. Went in a few months later, all markers were back down into the normal range. Doc thought it was because I was taking the statins, SURPRISE!

    After losing 60 pounds, I went to see a plastic surgeon as a little gift to myself to get rid of my lose skin. I told him I quit the statins, he patted me on the back and said "Smart girl!" I firmly believe that stuff is poison.

    I'm still LCHF. I've kept the weight off. This is the EASIEST way to lose those extra pounds and keep it off in my experience. There is absolutely NO WAY I would go back to eating all that junk, unless I was seriously suicidal.

  4. Corrie E.
    Dr. Eenfeldt,
    I would really like to thank you for putting this information out here for all of us. I would have never been as successful at gaining my health and life back if it weren't for you.

    So...Thank you!

  5. Ursula of Oz
    I started getting heart palpitations, chest pain, sweating when minority stressed, random tingling and numbness in limbs, bad confusion, racing, panicked thoughts after eating dinner (which usually contained lots of carbs or wheat) and sometimes insomnia. I also had diarrhoea since the middle of November 2015. All symptoms had been building gradually since about then. My GP ordered a blood test and a stool sample. Blood test showed a slight iron deficiency and the stool sample came back normal. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. After presenting to her several times over the last year with feeling low energy, motivation, tiredness and depression I decided to go on the medication. It completely knocked out my appetite for the first 2 weeks and also gave me what I can only describe as stress-related reflux that would hit the nerve next to my esophegeus (it would set off when my baby cried) which then set off a chain reaction of sweating, minor heart palpitations and sometime nausea. But my overall mood improved and I found that I had way more energy. After hours of research I was convinced that I had a hiatus hernia.
    I went to a different doctor at the same practice who decreased the dose of anti depressants, gave me stomach acid blockers but wouldnt order a test to see about the hernia. As I'd mentioned that my risk factors of the hernia included being overweight, he actually mentioned diet doctor and said that research is pointing to curing depression and anxiety with diet. I looked into the site the next day but was afraid to start, probably because I have been told to fear fat my whole life and that fat people shouldn't eat fat. I decided to try a massage for the reflux with a Physio as i had a theory that all my muscles were tense as all hell and strangling that nerve next to my esophegeus. After that last week, I haven't had my stomach tighten again so I stopped taking the acid blockers. Then last Sunday, I made a banana bread and after eating 2 pieces after 2 hours my mood plummeted into anger and annoyance, I was very confused, not motivated and didn't want to get up off the couch. All I wantedwas to go to sleep. That was the light bulb moment for me, I probably have a wheat intolerance that I never knew about.
    I decided to cut out wheat as of Monday, then I threw all caution to the wind and delved into this diet as best I could by Tuesday with what I had on hand until I could get to the shops on Wednesday. I am already down about 4 kilos and I am so happy to report that I had a normal stool yesterday (Thursday) for the first time since mid November! I wake up in the morning not grumpy and sore (getting enough sleep is hard because of the baby) but slightly tired and feeling great in the body with so much energy! I am still having some random chest and neck pain and the sweating but I am going to try a remedial massage to work out any residual tension before asking my doctor to investigate. My moods have levelled so much, although I still am on the full dose medication, at least until next week when I'm having my 1 month review where I will mention all of this.
    Sorry for my life story but after only 2 days, this diet has changed my life for the better, fat is fab and it is the answer!
  6. Leilani
    This is sad but true. I was in that boat many many years ago and fell for the "you need this antidepressant and then you need this sleeping pill, oh and now you need this anxiety pill to combat the anti-depresssant:. It's a rat race all for the dollars going in to BigPharma and the doctors pockets. I changed my mood with food and natural supplements. Most people don't need pills, they need food!

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