Revolutionary “artificial pancreas” treatment for type 1 diabetes


A revolutionary new medical device for treatment of type 1 diabetes has been approved in the US by the FDA. It’s a device which continuously monitors blood glucose levels and automatically adjusts and delivers insulin accordingly.

It’s almost like an “artificial pancreas”:

CNN: ‘Artificial Pancreas’ for Type 1 Diabetes Wins FDA Approval

Hopefully, it will make everyday life for patients with type 1 diabetes significantly easier. The device is expected to be available for patients in the spring.

Of course, even if a device like this can be very helpful for people with type 1, it can only simplify the administration of insulin. There will still be a lot of delay both in sensing glucose levels, and in waiting for insulin to be absorbed. Thus, achieving close to perfect blood-glucose control will likely also require control of the carbohydrate intake, both quality and (especially) quantity.


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  1. Nate
    Now normally I'm very skeptical of new technology, but Dr. Fung's earlier blog that said that high insulin levels is more damaging than high blood sugars makes me more curious than normal about the artificial pancreas. Though actually I have not fully accepted that normal insulin levels are more important than normal blood sugars.
  2. Kathleen
    I had a friend that an "artificial pancreas" very similar to this in Texas in 2002. Is this really a new technology?

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