Reversing diabetes with Virta on The Doctors

Watch Sami Inkinen and Dr. Sarah Hallberg being interviewed on The Doctors about Virta Health, their tech company reversing type 2 diabetes using a ketogenic diet.

The first part is above, and the second one below.

Part 2


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  1. Simon
    I found the "Doctor" panel un-enthused.. perhaps it is "bad for business" to not plug as many pharmaceuticals. Very refreshing to see well placed philanthropy by Sami!
  2. SteveM
    Re: Simon, "Very refreshing to see well placed philanthropy by Sami!"

    However you want describe Sami Inkinen, the immediate word that comes to mind is not "philanthropic". The Virta service he heads up is mostly data collection from the client and the availability of incidental advice that costs the users $400 a month. That is almost $5,000 a year. The Virta hook is to get the insurance companies to pay for the service. (Which means the exorbitant cost is distributed to all of the other insurance company's customers.)

    A LCHF diet is not rocket science. And as a low cost alternative, a person could track their numbers weekly on a spreadsheet for free and consult with their physician and/or nutritionist as needed if things got out of whack. And use that 5 Grand for other more productive health management purposes. Or simply keep it in their pockets.

  3. janice
    if you care so much about peoples health way do you charge so much to rook them in. why not just tell it like it. this is what you should do.why do you all want to get rich off others who want to change their lives.

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