A record of seven US states now have obesity rates above 35%


The US obesity rates keep escalating quickly. A record seven states now have obesity rates above 35%:

At least 35% of adults in seven U.S. states were obese in 2017 – up from five states in 2016, according to self-reported obesity prevalence data from the CDC.

In a news release, the CDC noted that five years ago, obesity prevalence in all seven states was under 35%.

The CDC estimated that obesity costs the U.S. healthcare system $147 billion a year.

Medpage Today: CDC: seven states had obesity rates above 35% in 2017


Dr. Ludwig in the NYT: The toll of America’s obesity

Who is to blame for the obesity epidemic?

Weight loss

Low carb


  1. John
    No wonder, with amount of sugar consumption. Nation of sugar addicts.
  2. Harry Minot
    Anti-fat bigotry is the likely culprit. Diets are overwhelmingly unsuccessful, and the majority of those sho lose weight gain back even more. So, the more dieters there are, the greater the extent of “obesity” (I prefer the term “fatness”).

    It happens that I know a bit about being fat and being the target of harsh judgments. I welcome interactions with any who are open-minded. I am on FaceBook and Messenger as Harry Minot and my email is hminot (at) aol (dot) com.

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