Who would recommend this bad breakfast for people with type 2 diabetes?


Here’s a recommended diabetes breakfast from the world’s largest organization of nutrition professionals, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND).

The same organization prominently claims that type 2 diabetes “cannot be cured”. That’s probably very true for everyone who mostly eats exactly what the body can’t handle, by following the AND advice above.

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  1. Nancy
    When I was told I was pre-diabetic, I was sent to a dietitian who told me I should eat 195g of carbohydrates a day! I ran across the sheet she made out for me not long ago and was appalled. I've been diagnosed with type 2 for 7 years now and eating very low carb (around 20g a day) has proven to be the best control of my blood glucose levels. I never got normal readings even on meds and of course now I know why. I was taken off Metformin over 3 years ago because of another health issue and the doctor was trying to get me to start taking it again "to help me lose weight"! This was even though my numbers were comparable to when I'd been on it eating high carb. The ignorance of the medical community as a whole is extremely alarming. Things are changing, but it will be a long time before the general public and the medical community accept that we've been fed a lot of lies for a long time.
  2. Andrew
    Holy cow! It's an utter disgrace they do this. How can people/organisations who are meant to advise real health advice:
    1. Be so ignorant of what is actually healthy?
    2. Get away with lying so blatantly?
  3. heather joy
    from what year are these recommendations? surely these can't be recent recs... i hope!
  4. Donna
    Where is the protein?
  5. Glenda
    Donna. Protein is in the milk, what little of it there is........
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  7. muddygurl
    As a veteran I have gone thru their enforced VA USDA high carb plan for 16 months, walking actively daily, only to go up and down 8 pounds..so frustrating, I quit.

    Eat oranges, cereal, bread, margarin!!!! ( I refused) veggie oils..ugh..) I went to low carb (modified low protein for my 1 kidney) and lost 30 lbs fairly easily.

    Now they want to lecture me again.. I may end up pretending I am following their nonsense, and keep to LC, the bad part is the dietitian will glow with pride that she helped me..grrrr

  8. Mary
    I ''fell'' into a low carb diet by accident. I am type 2 diabetic and was at a reading of 22 and just had my meds increased when I decided to give up bread and potatoes for Lent. Immediately my blood sugar started dropping and I have now been at a normal level for almost 3 months. With NO meds!!!! No cravings. No hunger. I have totally changed my eating habits with very little effort. Only one doctor ever suggested that it was possible to get off meds with diet. I visited him and thanked him
  9. Marion
    Have a thyroid problem. On Thyroxin. Trying LCD but havent lost weight ..Do feel better. Not energetic enough yet.
  10. Adam
    And on that diet they never will be, I ignored my dietitians advise to eat <100g of dietary Low GI Carbs a day, went on a Keto Diet and hit the Gym 3 months later diabetes under control.


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