The real way to lose weight – Dr. Fung on Fox News

What’s the right way to lose weight? Why is it not about counting calories, but about controlling your hormones? And how do you do it?

Here’s a great new interview of Dr. Jason Fung on Fox News, with a host who clearly understands the issues.

You can get Dr. Fung’s book The Obesity Code on Amazon.


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How to Lose Weight

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Dr. Fung has his own blog at He is also active on Twitter.

His book The Obesity Code is available on Amazon.

The Obesity Code


  1. Ed
    Bad marketing image on this video. Showing a guy with six-pack abs measuring his waist line will stop so many people cold from even watching it. It's not what someone with a weight problem wants to see. A before-and-after would have been better.
  2. Teresa
    Great Dr Fung! Unfortunately the hoster could not stop talking.... insted of using the little time better and let HIM do the talk ... oh je, the midia nowadays.... : (
  3. Marcie
    I agree with Teresa .... Too much talk from host.
  4. Sue
    Yes. I agree too. I get it she was filling in for someone else and wanted to create a good interview but it could have been better if she discussed before hand with him, what she wanted to focus on from the book.
  5. Peter Lawton
    If you don't interrupt Jason, you will learn a ton, quickly. The host was on her own mission, so half the time was wasted.
  6. Marion
    What a great host! Did you ever see one of 'our' doctors interviewed on a BBC program?! Those Beeb hosts always ask inane questions and derail the interview with idiotic comments. They will always have a 'second guest' or 'expert' to 'balance the view' (they will get some Big Pharma flunky doctor in to tell the audience that eating low carb will give you heartattacks or that skipping breakfast will turn you into an anorectic or some nonsense like that) and will constantly hammer down how 'controversial' low carbing is (really?! people have been pushed into eating high carb and highly processed foods for only fifty years or so, but it's low carb whole foods that is controversial?!!). This Fox News host sounds intelligent, gives dr. Fung the right questions so that in an interview of a few minutes dr. Fung could talk about ALL the things that needed to be said (dissing the 'calorie in, calorie out' dogma, eat healthy foods not sugar, bodies are regulated by hormones and the role of insulin, fasting). Kudos, Fox news host!

    It's funny... I'm European and only know Fox News from say so, and if I were to believe the so sayers, Fox News are filled with screaming redneck idiots. Well, if this host is representative, then maybe I should take those so sayers with a large grain of salt.

  7. gbl
    I've been in the host chair and I can tell you she was talking fast because of his attitude which she'd already had a taste of. Check out his expression the first few seconds of the vid. Contemptuous. She didn't want more of that. In fact she'd probably already been warned in her ear mic by the producer.

    Dr. Fung is a lowsy ambassador for this diet.

  8. 1 comment removed
  9. Scott Sherman
    More and more lately I feel I’m a weirdo because I don’t care about peoples’ expressions and tones nearly as much as everyone else seems to.
    If you interpret Dr. Fung’s resting facial expression as contempt and let that get in the way of understanding his words, if you let the flash of the six-pack abs derail your learning of what’s said, you’re only harming yourself. That’s self-defeating behavior and would be no different than the nonsense that I can’t understand a book because I don’t like the cover.
    Stoicism needs to make a comeback.

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