RD Dikeman on why people with type 1 diabetes should avoid the disastrous high-carb diet

Why is the standard advice for type 1 diabetic patients crazy and why does it worsen the disease? What should we do instead?

This is what Richard David Dikeman explains in this spot-on interview by Ivor Cummins.

The Fat Emperor: RD Dikeman and Fat Emperor at the Type 1 Diabetes Disgrace

Dikeman argues that getting rid of carbs is the way to go in order to avoid dangerous swings in blood sugar.

RD Dikeman is the brain behind the Facebook group TYPEONEGRIT for type 1 diabetic patients and features in videos with Dr. Bernstein on YouTube. He also gave a talk at the recent low-carb conference in San Diego about treatment for type 1 diabetics. A video from that is coming up later.

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  1. Laura
    The standard advice might be bad, but carbs (good, whole, natural carbs) are not the problem.
    Replies: #3, #6
  2. Mina
    Asked RD Dikeman some harsh questions and I was ousted from the FB closed group.
  3. robert
    "... to discover that eating meat and fat caused blood glucose swings that were almost impossible to chase ..."

    Really? I wonder what else he ate. Sadly we don't know.

    The last time I ate a potato my BG went up quite a bit. Eating bacon & eggs on the other hand didn't do anything, except tasting good.

  4. Dr. Shahriar Mostafa
    Life with diabetes is different but diabetes does not keep you from anything the life has to offer. Sure there is a catch, you have to control type 1 diabetes all your life. But You will be amazed to see Life with diabetes is even healthier than life without diabetes.

    Reference https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AQOJ21C

    Reply: #5
  5. bill
    " Life with diabetes is even healthier than life without diabetes."

    Doesn't appear you embrace the LCHF
    lifestyle. Why would you post an ad
    for your books here?

  6. Casey Freeman
    The thing is- good carbs like eating an apple will spike my blood sugar. No question. Eating a chicken breast will not. There's no vegan propaganda that can change that. Carbs from any source raise the blood sugar. I know this by a simple test of testing my blood sugar.

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