Q&A with Robb Wolf

Continuing from his talk about the ketogenic diet as a treatment for traumatic brain injury, Robb Wolf answers questions related to this.

Watch a part of the Q&A session above (transcript). The full video is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

Q&A with Robb Wolf

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  1. mary
    Okay ... I am a member ... may I make a suggestion ? When I type a name into the search it should bring up all the information the site has on that person ... for instance... Robb Wolf ... only the one minute comes up ... I have been searching forever and cannot find the whole video ... also it would be nice if it had allowance for close like if I put in robb wolfe the sight could suggest names that were close and have them listed ... the more user friendly the better ... new people do not want to have to search this hard to find a video on how Keto can help a brain injury ... also that could be listed under health ... which it is not ... then there could be a link to specific info on the brain injury and how Keto can help ... Thank you Mary z
  2. Peter
    I agree. When the short version is emailed and one clicks on the link it would be nice to go to the complete segment automatically because of our membership being verified.
  3. sarahlynn baxter
    this clip wasn't related to what the title suggested. Robb was agreeing to a grassroots effort to change the system.

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