Professor Tim Noakes found innocent!


Professor Noakes has just been found NOT guilty of unprofessional conduct, thus winning the years long trial against him for giving low-carb advice. Huge congratulations!

Apparently the resulting flood traffic has resulted in the Noakes Foundation website crashing, but it will hopefully be up soon again.

You can also follow the news on Twitter under the hashtag #Noakestrial.


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  1. Carol
    Yeah! LCHF has been found innocent. Congrats for hanging in there Dr Noakes and brilliant legal team. You believed the world has a right to know. Thanks Marika @ Foodmed for keeping us informed. Time for Dr Fettke to also be found innocent.
  2. Ian
    YES! A great win for science!
  3. Christina
    YAY!!! Big One!!! Love it :D
  4. RT
    Yes! Congratulations, Professor Noakes! You are to be commended for your courage and intellectual and scientific integrity in the face of vicious and unjustified persecution.
  5. RT
    Assuming tax money went to fund this whole process, If I were a South African citizen I would be very angry at the fraud, waste, and abuse involved. What an utterly ludicrous waste of public revenue. But at least real science and freedom of speech have been vindicated.
  6. Jan
    Thanks Marika @ Foodmed for keeping us informed. That's all of us News Hungry LCHF lifers. Yes, agree, it's time for Dr Fettke to be found innocent. Shame on AHPRA. Shame on Diabetes Australia. They are so far behind the times and that is unforgivable.
  7. Sean
    WHAT?!?!? How can this be? You're telling me low carb and high fat is good for me, and that the basis of healthy eating is wrong?!?!? Next you'll be telling me the world is flat is a lie, and monetary kick backs to governmental departments so that they'll endorse lies has been happening for hundreds of years.

    Well done Professor Noakes and his team for winning.... although it really shouldn't be a surprise.

  8. Ingrid
    How marvelous! Congratulations to Professor Noakes... and to his team... and to all doctors and scientists who have had the courage to support him loud and clear.

    Boy, I needed to hear this in those strange times with "alternative facts" allegations twisting both common sense and science upside down....

  9. Rosemary Martin
    The people responsible for this waste if money and trauma to an innocent man should be made to pay all expenses. And a huge public
    Apology to the professor, let them hang their heads in Shame!
    The prof is probably so relieved to have this debacle over, that he won't
    Counter sue that stupid woman who started all this wasted energy and money.
    Ditto Jan these cowards should be exposed for who they really are, GREEDY, it's all about money for them.
    I'm so relieved for the prof.
    I lost the weight I needed to, and it has stayed off now for 2 years.
    My insulin has been reduced by two thirds.
    Thank you Sir, may you enjoy a good and healthy future
  10. Francoise
    Such good news! And what a precedent it sets . I am thinking of Dr. Gary Fettke in Australia, and anyone who is subjected to the same injustice and humiliation.
  11. Tamarah
    Yes ,,thank you Dr Noakes for sticking with what you believe in, for us as well as yourself. We commend you for your bravery and for all you have done and continue to do for this Community . We have to keep pressing on and keep fighting the good fight . That's all we can do,, we cannot stop now .
    Thank you Again for all you do,, please never stop.


  12. H..... M...….
    Congratulations from Canada, Professor Noakes! Thanks for fighting! {{{{{HUGS!}}}}}
  13. RT
    I can almost see the heads exploding at CSPI.

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