Professor Noakes: How to eat and exercise for health

What form of exercise is best for your health? Why might you not be losing weight on a low-carb diet? And can you ever really cure insulin resistance?

Professor Tim Noakes is interviewed by Diet Doctor’s Kim Gajraj at the recent Public Health Conference in London and answers the above questions, and many more.

Professor Tim Noakes has made a huge impact in South Africa, helping tens if not hundreds of thousands of people to transform their lives – losing weight effortlessly and reversing diabetes – on low-carb diets (or Banting, as it’s often called in South Africa). Along the way he’s had to fight and win a long battle in the courts, over a tweet.

Watch a part of the interview above (transcript), where Professor Noakes talks about how to eat and exercise for health. The full 26-minute interview is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

We are not designed to be chronically ill – Professor Tim Noakes

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  1. Ivan Reeve
    I dont eat meat or fish i am vegertarian over 60years I am now heathy 71, tim noakes say meat is good protein drs not understand why hunters dying in thousands they found out because not eating any greens only meat what do the professor tim noakes say to this
  2. Sheena Rae
    I was raised on the typical American diet and struggled with health issues that required constant medication and/or was never resolved. When I got older, I looked into different ways to eat to heal myself. I was a vegetarian for years and it helped somewhat. I was vegan off and on for years and it helped a little bit more than vegetarianism, then I tried the keto diet...but I still had health issues. After struggling for several years with a medical/health issue that required me to get on an immune suppressant (which worked only briefly), one of my doctors suggested the carnivore diet. I jumped onto it and within a month my health improved shockingly, including my blood sugar, blood pressure, skin disorder, mental fog, anxiety, and depression. I began to reintroduce foods slowly and painstakingly, discovering that my body reacts to many fruits and vegetable. It has taken time but my body is healing and I am now eating a meat-based diet, which is predominantly meat with a handful of vegetables and fruits that my body does not react to. I think we each need to listen to our own body.
  3. matt
    Do You eat hamburger, sausage, eggs, milk, beer?

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