Professional training in keto nutrition and patient treatment


Are you a medical professional who wants to learn how to treat patients with a keto diet? Then this is for you.

The Noakes Foundation has founded the Nutrition Network, an online course featuring top low-carb doctors and researchers. The course will run from May this year, but you get a reduced price if you sign up now.

To learn more and sign up, go to the link below:

Nutrition Network

You can also check out our free guide below if you want to learn more about treating patients with a low-carb or keto diet.

Low-carb doctors


Low carb and keto for doctors


  1. Tiffanee
    THANKS Dr. Eenfeldt! Can't wait to add this to my education, it will be useful as a Nurse Practitioner next year!
  2. Katherine Moon
    Where do I pay my money so I get the early bird discount
  3. Cara Lloyd
    When will this restart?
  4. Jimena
    hi! are you having a new date?

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