Prevent obesity by starting before birth


To prevent childhood obesity, it may help to start before birth:

The New York Times: To Stem Obesity, Start Before Birth

Things that may help include both the mother and father staying at a good weight, breastfeeding the infant and avoiding antibiotic use for children unless absolutely necessary.

Perhaps most importantly, try to get rid of bad foods from the house, and model good eating habits. Because…

“If you do it, they’ll do it,” David S. Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Children’s Hospital Boston, said. “Young children are like ducklings, they want to do what their mothers [and fathers?] do.”

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  1. Bob Niland
    Not just obesity - anyone interested in not having their kid be on the high, rising, accelerating trend line of ASD needs to minimize every risk factor they can, and pre-conception for best odds.

    Without too much effort, I could probably come up with a list of 100 suspect causes/triggers/aggravators that differentiate modern western culture from historical and contemporary ancestral cultures that didn't/don't have an ASD problem. Most (but not all) of the factors are dietary. All are worth fixing even if some turn out to have been just precautionary.

    Inconvenient? Expensive?
    Compared to what?
    Raising a kid that will be incapable of independent living?

  2. Amy
    Yes, this. Over the last few months I've said repeatedly that I wish I could take what I have learned back with me and start before my children were born. They are not obese and all five are basically healthy but l'm thinking of the long term habits that we've begun that could become obesity or diabetes or heart disease. I AM teaching them now, better late than never. Thank you diet doctor for equipping us with tools and graphics and truthful information to help!
  3. murray
    The article makes no mention of trans-generational epigenetic mechanisms.

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