Pre-order the brilliant Diabetes Unpacked book – full of insights from top low-carb experts


This may be the best book ever, if you’re interested in low carb and diabetes.

The new book Diabetes Unpacked has fourteen chapters, each one written by a different low-carb expert and on a different diabetes-related topic.

The authors really are some of the top experts in the world, like Professor Tim Noakes, Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. David Unwin, and Nina Teicholz.

I just got my pre-release copy, and this is the rare low-carb book where I don’t know where to get started, it’s all so very interesting. This despite having an entire bookshelf devoted to low-carb books before.

Besides, all the authors have contributed their chapter for free, and any profit is donated to the Noakes Foundation in South Africa.

Pre-order your copy here

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  1. Tim Heineman
    When will I be able to get a Kindle copy?

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