The Power of the Pioppi Diet

The inhabitants of the Italian village Pioppi are known for their health and longevity, and they eat a high-fat Mediterranean diet.

Dr. Malhotra’s new book, The Pioppi Diet: A 21-Day Lifestyle Plan, talks about their lifestyle that anyone looking to improve their health can emulate.

In the video above he explains how powerful it can be.


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  1. Tim Heineman
    The video must be a very old one because he talks about 2015 in the distant future: "Unless we act, 90% of the UK adult population will be overweight or obese by 2015."

    I'm sure overweight and obesity has gotten worse since the 60% figure that Doc AM quotes as 'now'. But it is nowhere near 90% yet and it is now 2017.

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  2. Daniela
    I was always wondering how the Mediteranean diet is supposed to be healthy when it does incorporate carbs. I bought the book today out of curiosity and noticed also that it does state the original research into it was flawed.
  3. Heike
    I think he meant to say 2050.
  4. gbl
    This book is royally panned in purchaser reviews. The authors may have something to say, but according to readers who study and follow low carb, they apparently didn't say it. It's put together illogically, no real food plan is set out and what is set out isn't put in order, it's badly edited and published. Assuming he does know what he's about, and what he wanted to say, why on earth would he allow this mish-mash to be published under his name, and why did Penguin not do their job for him? As is, we can be forgiven for thinking it's a money grab, and little else. Very disappointing and leading to mistrust of anything he proffers.
  5. Alessandro Testori
    this video shows the typical Dishes of Pioppi in Cilento which is the orgin of the Mediterranean diet as described by Ancel Keys.
    Here is Ancel Keys himself in his home in Pioppi
  6. Alessandro Testori
    The funny thing is that Northern Italians do not follow tthe mediterranean diet but eat more fats and less carbs, yet the average lifespan in Northern Italy is 6 to 8 years longer than the Mediterranean South. Prevalence of diabetes is 3.3% in North Italy vs 6.8% in the South italy, Vs 7.4% in Japan. Disability prevalence in Italy is 6.6% vs 32% in Finland and 27% in Norway
  7. Anne Dodd
    Are you sure about that statistic for Japan?

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