Popular low-carb vegetable infuriating the rice industry


The popular low-carb side dish ‘cauliflower rice‘ is stirring up some fury in the rice industry. More and more consumers are swapping the latter for the former, so rice producers want to make the term ‘cauliflower rice’ illegal:

Only rice is rice, and calling ‘riced vegetables’ ‘rice,’ is misleading and confusing to consumers. We may be asking the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory agencies to look at this.
– Betsy Ward, President of the industry lobby USA Rice

QUARTZ: The Rice Industry Is Furious at the Existence of “Cauliflower Rice”

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  1. Ryan
    Lol, I remember my grandma talking about ricing potatoes. Lobbiests are taking a page out of the snowflake she playbook on appropriation, lmao
  2. Paul
    Ms. Ward and her ilk need to get a life, or a real job, and don't look for problems that aren't there. Who in their right mind would get "confused" about veggie rice? OH!!! LOOK!!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!
  3. Peter
    This is really crazy. Like banning the use of a word will change the habit of eating better...Duh!
  4. PJ
    Pardon me while a get a microscope to determine if this is real rice or Cauliflower. I bet Uncle Ben is turning in his grave!!!
  5. Karen
    I could see their point if the use of the word "rice" as a food preparation technique had not been used for decades (at least). Found a patent for a potato ricer filed in 1908.
  6. Kelly
    Isn't there "rice milk" and isn't the dairy industry trying to sue the soy milk, almond milk, and rice milk makers for using the term "milk"?

    Bah. The industry is being disrupted. Stop trying to prevent innovation and start evolving. Or lose your market share.

  7. As
    Amazing how they don't complain about risoni. Must be professional carbohydrate courtesy.

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