Politician loses weight on low carb and realizes we can do more to combat obesity


After reading about how other politicians died early from lifestyle-related diseases, British politician Tom Watson decided to take control of his weight and started low carbing.

He is now 84 pounds (38 kg) lighter and his weight loss has made him realize that not enough is done to overcome the obesity epidemic.

I kept reading about Labour politicians that died early in their 50s and 60s and I want to get healthy, and actually for me the journey’s been very interesting because what I realise is there’s a lot more we can do in public health to deal with the obesity crisis, because you know we’ve got 10 million of these people heading to diabetes, another 15 million sitting behind them are overweight.

The Guardian: Tom Watson: weight struggle made me realise scale of obesity crisis

Lose weight


Experts propose radical anti-sugar plan to tackle type 2 diabetes

England: Hospital admissions due to obesity doubles in four years


  1. Tiger
    Do something like make healthy foods, and healthy lifestyle affordable
  2. mnb
    lets get on board with schools and cut the SUGAR out of the kids meals, no breads, pasta, crackers, snacks and actually use the school taxes to feed the kids some protein and healthy fats..
  3. Geoff
    As Governments all over the world struggle with budget blow outs, and the primary, secondary and etc costs of health care escalate, a practical and practically no-cost solution is available, it just needs thought leaders to challenge the dominant discourse on nutrition, and that is why I subscribe to Diet Doctor.

    By my reckoning, this service and the associated community of experts and advocates is one the most important and effective organisations for improving the welfare of humans around the globe. Further, the focus on whole foods and 'naturally' farmed protein will have a beneficial effect on the welfare of livestock as well.

    A subscription to Diet Doctor is the best thing most politicians could do for themselves and their constituents.

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