“A more pleasurable way to live”

What realizations would turn a dietitian into a low-carb advocate? What benefits can patients expect from changing their diets? And why is there still so much backlash against low-carb dietitians?

In this interview from The Low Carb Universe in Mallorca in November 2017, Ivor Cummins sits down with dietitian Franziska Spritzler to discuss these topics.

Watch a preview above, where Franziska discusses the benefits one of her patients has reaped on low carb (transcript). The full interview is available with a free trial or membership:

“A more pleasurable way to live” – Franziska Spritzler

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Franziska Spritzler

  • Q&A with Franziska Spritzler
  • How to achieve a healthy low-carb lifestyle
    How to achieve a healthy low-carb lifestyle


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