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This year over 55,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here’s feedback from this week:



First of all thank you very much for this webpage and really well structured guidance of the LCHF diet. I am 30 years old (5.5′ height – 157 cm), born in India, currently living in Germany and my weight was in range 73 to 74 kg (160–163 lbs). I have completed my challenge for two weeks and would like to say it’s amazing. I have lost almost 4 kg (9 lbs) of my weight i.e. from 73 to 69 (160 to 152 lbs). And I would like to continue this diet until I reach my goal 62 kg (136 lbs). I would also like to mention that recipes on your webpage helped a lot.

I highly recommend everyone who is facing problems with overweight to follow LCHF, it works really, feeling good, no hunger, always satisfied and simple way to lose weight.

I would like to ask you one question, when can I start exercise like cardio, weight lifting and so on?

Thank you again and I appreciate the noble cause that you are working for. I wish that soon many people will realize this and we step into an obesity-free and healthy world.


Hello Andreas,

The challenge was a huge help to me even if I have not completed it yet. I am a newbie to LCHF and my husband and I are not home a lot. But when we were home I knew exactly what we needed to do to fix dinner and I had the things on hand because we used the shopping list. We’re still working on the same list and have learned a number of things from the recipes that we used. It’s great to come home after work to leftovers that I can actually eat.


Hi there,

Just completed 2 weeks on LCHF and am hugely impressed.

I have a very high body-fat percentage (34%) that doesn’t seem to respond great to calorie restrictive approaches. I also wanted to move closer to a paleo-type diet, artificial sweeteners and all these lab-produced products are things I’d like to leave out of my diet.

Also, mentally, once you put the word “restrict” into any dietary approach it sets off red flags. However, with this high body fat, I decided to look into your LCHF approach since the approach directly triggers specific biological fat-burning for energy, and since I’ve got a lot of fat to burn, it seemed like an obvious choice.

I suffered most of the side effects and though some were unpleasant (terrible anxiety/depressive bouts, excessive sweating, heart palpitations and terrible sleep patterns), I convinced myself to wait it out as my body was experiencing chemical changes.

I think you speak rightly when you say get through the two weeks, as you’ve got momentum now and you’ve moved past the temporary side effects while your body reshuffles the order.

I would highly recommend it to those who still want a social life (I managed a night out on vodka and soda), it’s also super easy to slot into restaurants without making a pedantic order and having to publicise your diet to everyone.

I intend to stay on this as a long-term lifestyle change to get my body fat down and eat real foods.

Thanks for the introduction, the materials are simple, the recipes inspiring, and the research thorough.



Hi Andreas,

My name is Clare from Australia. I have just finished the two-week challenge. I have been wanting to do a LCHF diet for a while, but just couldn’t find anything with structure.

Thanks for your simple to follow guide. I thought the simplicity was the key to this diet. Recipes were simple and the fact that lunch was left overs from the night before meant less shopping and less over-thinking everything. Breakfasts were simple too, which meant I wasn’t overwhelmed with planning.

As the days went by I did try different ideas, because the whole concept of LCHF was sinking in and I became more confident. I really appreciated the 5 steps to weight loss, I lost 1.3 kg (2 lbs), but thought I would lose more (starting weight 68.7 kg–150 lbs). With these tips, I know where I went wrong, (snacking on too much dairy). I have also tried the sleep app and thought this was very interesting.

I now am confident to continue with this diet and look forward to doing week 3. Thanks for your great program.




It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am constantly losing weight and my blood sugar is under control. Thank you.



Thank you doctor. I have been losing weight and am very happy about it. I am a 5’5″ woman (165 cm) and 164 lbs (74 kg) of weight. I have been in this “low-carb” program for 5 weeks and losing 13 lbs. Not only that, according to my blood test result from last Friday (Sept. 16), these numbers went down, back to normal range, such as: cholesterol (236 –> 203), triglycerides (332 –>153), glucose (94–>81 mg/dl – 5.5–>4.5 mmol/L) and mostly my liver AST (52–>17), ALT (89–>22). My family doctor was against this “low-carb” method at first, but after seeing my blood test results he admitted that this did help tremendously for my health!

I’ve watched your videos and the ones of Dr. Eric Westman and followed your suggestions of eating.

Thank you so much and may God bless you all,


Love this… Thanks a lot for sharing your low carb knowledge. I totally appreciate all you do. Keep up the good work!



I lost 5 pounds (2 kg), so I’m convinced it works! I like the easy-to-follow guide with shopping lists and recipes.




Thank you for this wonderful program, you are so amazing to offer this to the public. My family and I are really enjoying the new way of eating, your recipes are delicious and satisfying too. We will be doing the third week and plan to make this our new way of eating for life. We are all experiencing a feeling of better well being! Thank you so much for helping us to find better health.



Hi Andreas… I loved it, lost 10 pounds (5 kg)! I didn’t really follow the meal plan though, but did like the recipes and e-mails they were very helpful and want to do it again according to plan. I found while eating out the salt was the enemy and the weight loss stalled or even gained but once back on track it came off the next day. This week will continue, I have to read your part 2 email so I will start from the beginning of continue as you suggest and am incorporating exercise now starting this week (maybe next as I am moving as well).


It works! I’m in the middle of a major change in my type one treatment, leaving the pump for Lantus and low/no carbs.

Thanks for your help and good work,


Hi Andreas,

I am a 65-year old female in Tasmania, Australia. I have looked at your site very often but never taken the plunge! I grew up in the eat “low fat” era and I was terrified really about the amount of high fat in the recipes.

I want to lose about 10 kg (22 lbs) that I have put on due to taking a desk job and years of yo-yo dieting. I took the challenge and it was very easy as I love cooking and the recipes were great. Initially, some of the recipes tasted too rich to me but I persisted. I only lost a kilo (2 lbs) but I feel very well and my clothes feel looser.

I am beginning to cut down my portion sizes as I feel more sustained by the meals and find it amazing that I don’t need to snack. I will continue with this way of eating forever. I had already cut out processed food and refined carbs prior to going on the challenge so it was only the increased fat that was a challenge to me.

I am going to join your web site shortly as I love the continued motivational videos and scientific explanation. I think (at present) that in the long term I may eat more healthy fat as in avocado, salmon, olive oil etc. as I see that you say you can follow this diet along the Mediterranean diet principles. I didn’t experience any real side effects.

Thank you so much for all the free advice and the great work that you do.

Kind regards,


I thought the challenge was wonderful. I lost a little over 6 lbs (3 kg). I followed the LCHF guidelines and made some of the recipes. I’m getting so much knowledge from your website that I became a member. Thank you for the information and amazing support. I’m still going strong!


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