Physician handing out Diet Doctor-inspired low-carb pamphlets


We’re very happy to hear that more and more doctors recognize the power of low carb as a treatment for common disorders like obesity, type 2 diabetes and other health issues.

We also get happy when we hear that doctors hand out Diet Doctor-inspired pamphlets to their patients to teach them about low carb. Such as this beautiful thing below, that is apparently handed out by a doctor in New Jersey:


We’ve been considering making our own similar pamphlets and sending them to physicians and other health-care professionals who need them for their patients. Would you want that? If so, please leave a comment below.


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  1. John
    I'd love that leaflet to give to my doctor to show him how I've got the results I have. Instead of having to try to explain. I'm not great at explaining myself.
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  1. judy
    I think it's a great idea! Especially if you're getting the doctor's on board. But i would work on the the design, using cool colors, earthy tones they have a more calming effect. This is great work you are doing, thank you!
  2. John
    I'd love that leaflet to give to my doctor to show him how I've got the results I have. Instead of having to try to explain. I'm not great at explaining myself.
  3. Bruce
    Yes, please! The document should be for our Doctors. We have 15 minutes to try and convince them that they have been giving the wrong advice for years.

    I am worried about my bloodwork conversation the most. I can hide what I am doing to them for so long, but my LDL will most likely be up someday, and I don't know how I am going to explain it.

  4. Yanina
    Sure! In developing countries this would be a great help!
  5. Rimas
    Yes, yes, please Andreas - I would DEFINITELY make use of these for my patients.
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  6. Niklas
    @Yanina, awesome idea - I'm thinking about countries like Mexico, India etc where obesity and diabetes starts to become a problem.

    If donations are needed to make the necessary logistics possible for this endeavour I would be happy to help!

  7. Michelle
    A great idea, Low Carb Healthy Fat pamphlets should replace all the big pharma pamphlets in every Doctor's office!
  8. William
    One issue is how LCHF has to compete with weight loss programs that come from Hospital groups, that in many cases are the Doctors employer. Weight loss programs run by Hospitals are NOT LCHF!
  9. Jonna Schultz
    It is a very good idea, and it would be nice to have Danish pamphlets too ?? I am sure people who are eating Low carb will be more than happy and take part in distribution.
  10. Bruce
    Yes, please make some sort of document that we can hand to our doctor, so they can understand what we are doing. It's the doctors that need an explanation. We only get 15 minutes to try and convince someone that they've been giving the wrong advice.
  11. Marti
    Yes definitely. Most doctors I have been to have said nothing to me about nutrition, I would particularly like to see these in gynocologists offices for women in menopause.
  12. Margaret
    Yes, that would be a great idea! Also something similar or the same for us to hand to doctors.
    It would be ideal if the links to the relevant research were listed at the back of the pamphlet.
  13. Claudette
    I would love to have a short pamphlet like that to hand out to explain lchf. Happy to see a dr. In nj is on board. Could you tell us where in nj. Looking for a dr that would support lchf in nj. Thanks
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  14. Peggy
    yes, but I think they should go out to everyone, I live in an area with two large hospitals which most all of the dr's in the area work for one or the other. neither hospital acknowledged my request for information about bariatics and low carb. one did not even respond, the other just brushed over and proceed to tell me what they do - surgery. We need something that we can give to our Dr's. they just look at you like how dare you try and teach me what is best for you. extremely frustrating !!!!!
  15. Claudette
    I thought this might be helpful, a downloadable pamphlet that we can print and fold when we need the info. :)
  16. Irene
    Yes, pamphlets would be great! I presume they would be downloadable.
  17. Christina Douglass
    As a board certified family medicine doctor practicing in the rural Deep South- I would LOVE a handout to give to my patients- I don't have much time in visits to go over every detail and currently am using a low glycemic handout from the Scripts Institute (I think that's where it's from...). Having a brief, understandable EBM handout would be awesome! Thank you!
  18. Vilma
    Claudette, it seems like the address and phone number of the clinic are printed on the pamphlet and showing in the picture.

    I would love to have pamphlets in Finnish I could hand around but I doubt you can do it in all the languages of the world. But the idea is great nonetheless.

  19. Jackie
    Yes PLEASE!
  20. Steffan
    It would be fantasic and in all the different lauguages that the lchf for beginners are already in. With the raw printfiles accessible on your page in high res ?
  21. Mikael
    As a practicing interventional cardiologist it would make my life much easier. I advice most of my patients on low carb and where to get more information. A pamphlett would be very helpful.
  22. Beth
    As a physician, in the Er, it would be amazing to have this to hand out to people to help them out!!! I can only provide a small amount of education in my limited time, tho I have devised my own handouts they aren't nearly this nice!!
  23. Gail
    Yes, yes ,yes.....great idea
  24. Pat king
    Great idea. Also send to diabeties clubs
  25. Angie
    It is a great idea if you can get the doctors on board, but some like mine just want to talk meds all the time and writing scripts. I am a diabeteic and have been one for 30 some years. I was put on an insulin pump some 15 years ago, I have been doing the LCHF way of healthy eating and have shed 58 pounds to date and have been eating on the LCHF diet for about 40 weeks now and I just have to say i feel great and have more energy than I have had in the past, I don't feel worn out and tired all of the time either. I use the Diet Doctors recipes and just have to say that my husband and son eat them too. I find they are very good and filling. I have had my doctors tell me that I will have to be on the pump for the rest of my life but let me tell you I don't think so. It can be done and I am doing it. I have been taken off all my meds but my thyroid but I can see myself coming off of that also. If it is at all possible could I get a copy of this pamphlet to show my doctor. I would love that. Thank You Diet Doctor for helping me get to where I am today.
  26. J. Lance De Foa, MD
    I found the DietDoctor LCHF page didn't print very nicely, so I copied and pasted the text and images in a doc file then printed it as a pdf. You can access it here. It should print on either letter or A4.

    Since November I have been handing out double sided single colour sheets. It seems to be a good motivator and resource, better than just telling about the site and giving the URL. Now almost every clinic day someone has a narrower waist and/or less weight.

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  28. Jeanette
    Can you do one that we can share with our own doctors and suggest they give it out to their patients? I am in Australia. So maybe start a Resource section on your website, with a few variations that could be downloaded by Professionals in the industry to use. A three-fold that anyone could hand out to a friend directing them to the website could be great too.
  29. Gert Colpin, MD
    Great idea. I would use this in my practice.
  30. Carol
    Great idea. Sounds like it's much many languages. Just so we can convince our Drs mainly. Also can you investigate providing some more regular Diet Dr articles in other languages such as Dr Mercola does ....every now and then he'll put out a selection of articles in Chinese, Japanese and Korean for example.
    Keep up the great work. Always refer people to this site and to Jason's work.
  31. Laura Hogan
    I would love patient handouts!
  32. Heidi
    I also would love a pamphlet that I could share some info with Doctors and others. I had my blood work done last week and I hope my doctor will not find anything negative. I will not change and I want her support.
  33. bill
    Yes. That would be great. Dr. Eric Westman
    has a small booklet that can be ordered on
    Amazon, but a tri-fold flier with some graphics
    might be useful in certain situations.
  34. Kristine
    Yes please, very interested in a pamphlet/handouts
  35. Arthur Hazeldine
    Yes, any information on LCHF that we can get doctors to distribute, can only lead to better outcomes for patients.
    This can also make the practitioner aware of the value of alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.
    More importantly, doctors work to strict time restraints, to have information available, simply by having it readily available , would appeal to to them.
    A word of caution, we must be sure to resist any offers of sponsorship from any commercial interests.
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  36. Paula
    Agree! I would definitely, gladly place these in and about my place of work - so many people have asked me for "my secret." I always refer them to - it's no secret - but I'd gladly have them for our patients, too. I was referred to by one of my physician colleagues, so it seems only reasonable! I, too, dislike the pharmaceutical-driven paraphernalia that too often circulates - let's us rally the cause!
  37. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Certainly, no sponsorships or ads, never.
  38. Ane Vinge
    Yes, please! I would love to take such pamphlets to my doctor's clinic.. it would be sooo nice, in danish....
  39. Deirdre
    More than that I yearn for an affordable book or booklet my friends who don't use computors can buy. The Australian CSIRO book appears to be too liberal. As an aside, that book sold out in a few days and the CSIRO are reprinting it. This demonstrates to me the enormous interest and need for the information to be on paper.
  40. Carol
    There are already a lot of good books (which the CSIRO should have read) in this space. I think I have devoured them all...will attempt to summarize ..... Dr Sandra Cabot's"Can't lose weight might have syndrome x" got me realising "It's the carbs stupid!!!" ...... Jimmy Moores " Cholesterol Clarity " n "Keto Clarity" , Steve Phinney n jeff Voleks "Art n Science of Low Carb Living" , Dr Jason Fung's "The Obesity Code" n "Complete guide to Fasting", Dr Michael Mosley's "The Fast Diet", Gary Taubes, dr Mark Hyman, Drs Jonny Bowden n Dr Steve Sinatra n many, many more.
  41. Carol
    In fact the next book I would like to I have run out.... Is by Dr Dom D'Agastino. His journey as a weight lifter and scientist working in the field of Navy Diving will make a fascinating read. Also Dr Rhonda Patrick has a story worth reading, dr Adam Nally he has a book coming out with Jimmy. Get writing ppl!
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  43. Cathy Sykes
    I would absolutely love for my doctor to receive more information about a LCHF diet and current nutrition science! She is open to new ideas if presented with the evidence and it would really help me explain my success.
  44. Tamarah
    Absolutely,, sign me up My doctor needs to know this stuff .. I would definitely make sure he had a copy . or a whole stack .

    Maybe just make them printable and we can print off for ourselves to hand out to friends as well . I would leave them all over the place .

  45. Emily
    Me, too! Please!!
    Dr. Emily Franklin
    Sunflower Wellness Center LLC
  46. DeLana Gardner
    Hello, I would love to have printed material to give to my patients. Especially for those that do not have internet and computer access. Thanks...

    Dr. Gardner DNP, FNP-C

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