Why people get fat


Do you think it’s surprising that we have an obesity epidemic? Dr. Ted Naiman does not.

As he exemplifies in this simple illustration, pretty much our entire food supply is providing too much energy and too little nutrition (like protein, micronutrients and essential fatty acids).

While fruit is hardly the biggest culprit in the obesity epidemic, the fruits we find in the grocery store are far fram what nature intended… and juice is little more than sugar and water.

Dr. Ted Naiman


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Dr. Ted Naiman: Treating patients with low carb for 20 years


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  1. Michael
    Great site, best I've seen yet
    How many carbs is the limit (MAXIMUM) to stay out of ketoacidosis with out using expensive meters?
    I know strips are no good
    Than you in advance for your reply
    Have a great day
  2. Michael
    I meant to say urine strips
  3. Robyn McDonald
    I think you mean ketosis? Ketoacidosis is a medical emergency characterised by high blood Suhea and metabolic acidosis. Ketosis is the production of ketones in a low sugar low insulin environment which uses body fat for fuel.
    Ketones are produced at different carb levels for different people but it is recommended that your intake be at least below 30g net carbs to start. You should feel it physiologically without testing by seeing increased thirst but you can also use Blood ketone monitor. Urine dipsticks are not very accurate but you can still use them to get an idea. Depending on your severity of insulin resistance you may even get away with up to 50g of carbs a day but anyone with diabetes or IR the lower the better. Hope that helps!
  4. Robyn McDonald
    The idea is to stay IN ketosis, not out of it. But you definitely want to stay OUT of ketoacidosis :)
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  5. Michael
    Thank you Robyn, I did mean ketoacidosis
    I'm trying to find the (sweet spot) number of carbs to be in ketosis but not so low I go into ketoacidosis
    But probably everybody is different, I may have to invest in a blood ketone meter, they measure all 3 ketones and are very accurate
    But the strips are very expensive, because I don't want to be sick with worry all the time about whether I go into ketoacidosis or not or really get sick being in ketoacidosis or not even be in ketosis in the first place let alone ketoacidosis
    The urine strips measure one ketone, and after a while of being in ketosis
    The ketones don't show up in urine as much?, so the urine strip might give you a good reading but your blood levels could be sky high and you could go into ketoacidosis
    I think I will have to fork out the money for a blood meter for peace of mind, and to get the best result from the diet
    Thanks again
  6. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Michael!

    If you are diabetic (primarily type 1) then you have to worry about ketoacidosis, otherwise not.

    You can find more reading here:

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