The pathways of insulin resistance

Are we chasing the wrong guy when it comes to heart disease? And if so, what is the real culprit in the disease?

Ivor Cummins gives an alternative way to look at heart disease and the connection to insulin resistance. Watch a part of the presentation above (transcript). The full video is available (with captions and transcript) with a free trial or membership:

The Pathways of Insulin Resistance – Ivor Cummins

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  1. Adria
    I'm logged in as a member, but for some reason I can only watch the preview of this presentation, and not the entire thing. Please help a girl out! :)
  2. Jim
    Me too, I just sent an email to Andreas .
    Reply: #3
  3. Inger Swanberg Team Diet Doctor
    Thank you for letting us know, fixed the problem, wrong page ID. Apologies!
  4. Adria
    It still isn't working for some reason. Bummer!
    Reply: #7
  5. Carol
    You can watch them if you go in through Presentations on the home screen. But what's with having to scroll through all these giant sized photos to find what we want to watch. Something is seriously amiss with the set up of the videos. I know you are looking for a new video editor but might have to expedite the process.
  6. Carol
    Or another way in is "News" then "Blog news" and watch them there.
  7. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Adria!

    I think it works , click this link:

  8. Marion
    I have a question about this.
    What if: All the food we are grinding up that are good on their own, but now we are turning them into cauli mash or essentially any good natural food processed in a blender, such as babyfood, purees and smoothies. Since we essentially heavily processed the food, is it also going to behave in the same way as the mouse chow did? Because we are not chewing, therefore no saliva and it sets of a whole chain reaction....
    Something peculiar happens to me when I drink a healthy smoothie regularly. I gain bodyfat. I dont feel the same satiety as when chewing also. And soon I develop cravings or want more food.
    Also if you notice the huge quantity of food that makes only a small smoothie. If I didnt put it in a blender, but ate it in its natural form I would be full after eating only about 50% or less.
  9. Nate
    I have a question, but first Ivor, thanks for interviewing Dr. Priyanka Wali. She is now my physician. Very excellent! I would never have known that she was in the Bay Area without your interview.

    I take an average of 18 units of insulin per day as a Type 1 diabetic with 7 of those units as basal. In my search to figure out if that is a healthy amount of insulin, not too much and not too little, I ran into the International Unit. For insulin it is, per the Guardian, "the amount of insulin required to lower the fasting blood sugar of a rabbit by 2.5 mmol/L." Really! Well of course that was the best they could do back in 1921. But now a unit of insulin has been defined as 0.0347 mg. (I assume to determine that they used an average size rabbit that was healthy and not insulin resistant.) Why not use mg instead of units now a days?

    It is hard to believe that only 0.24 mg of insulin is all that I need for my basal requirements for a full day. With my 195 pounds that gives me about 0.6 mg insulin per liter of blood in a fasting state. Do you know if that Is a healthy amount (not insulin resistant)?

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