Overweight Haters Ltd: Prejudice at its worst

The business card

The business card

There’s some truly nasty prejudice against overweight people today, and this is one of most ignorant and hateful examples I’ve ever seen:

Daily Mail: Police probe ‘Overweight Haters Ltd’ card handed to commuters after shocked woman is given leaflet which branded her a ‘fat, ugly human’

Unfortunately some people still believe that shaming people with weight issues will somehow help them, by motivating them to change. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Shaming people into feeling bad will only reduce their willpower.

Imagine a day when you felt really depressed. Did you go out for a run and did you cook nutritious meals all day? Not likely. More likely you ate chocolate. Perhaps you even had a drink (or two) and smoked cigarettes. Then you probably ended up in front of the TV. That’s what happens when people get depressed.

Never ever tell someone with weight issues to eat less and run more. First of all it does not work. Second of all they’ve already heard it a million times. It can only hurt them.

If you want to help others then learn more effective ways to lose weight, and try to be an inspiration yourself. When people ask how you did it you can tell them. That might actually help.


How to Lose Weight

Weight Control – A Question of Calories or Insulin? – Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt


  1. Bev
    it takes an especially cruel type of person to spend time planning how to be nasty and hateful to others. Despicable.
  2. tz
    It IS glandular if you consider the pancreas is a gland.
    This is how the Sugar and Grain industry gets away with it.
    Instead of admitting they are selling an addictive substance - worse than the Lotus Eaters of the Odyssey - They simply say people lack the will, virtue, character not to continually eat.
    If there was a pharmaceutical that made you store fat instead of burning it so you felt miserable, weak, and starving all the time, and at the same time increased your appetite it would be banned.
    Instead, at least here in the US, sugar is subsidized.
    If there was an effective appetite suppressant, you'd think it would be encourage - there is: Fat.
    The shaming is central to the calorie theory, the food guidelines, etc. "Just eat proper portions of this and shame on you if you don't have the willpower to stop".
  3. Pierre
    It is a vicious circle.

    It starts with sugar and grains that make the people fat and unable to burn fat because of hyperinsulinemia.

    So they become hungry and binge on junk food and that leads to gluttony.

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  4. Elizabeth
    In the USA we live in a society that blames the victim. This has been a very well planned program to create obesity and illness in our country by the 1% aka Criminals in Charge.
    Now the Criminals in Charge raise the bar so that we must not only try to exercise more, starve ourselves, feel guilty and hate ourselves for being fat and weak, but we must take their medicine (poisons) and die young.
    I thank God for leading me to LCHF and pulling me out of their destructive cycle of pain and death.
    I thank the people who are brave and dedicated enough to try to get the truth out before it is too late for us all.
  5. Apicius
    I agree with you Pierre that the bingeing scenario happens with some people. But, please be careful here. That scenario is not universal. I was NOT a binger. When I ate grains, sugar-containing foods, following the low-fat diet protocol, etc, I was not overeating in calories, but I would still gain weight...and it was impossible to lose weight. When I adopted an LCHF diet, I was able to lose weight.

    Not in the low-fat scenario, nor the LCHF scenario was I ever a binge-eater. I don't think I am alone in this experience either. Stating that overweight or obese people are all binge eaters is simply incorrect!

  6. chris c
    When I was young, the few fat people, especially the few fat kids in school, had it blamed on "glands". The "gluttony and sloth" meme came along much later, along with the arterycloggingsaturatedfat and hearthealthywholegrains memes. I suspect that secretly most dieticians and many doctors and nurses will agree with this campaign. After all they started it with their "evidence-based" medicine with the evidence kindly provided by Coke, Unilever, Kelloggs etc.
  7. Tab
    I find this hard to take seriously. These people are purposely trying to be hurtful yet they don't know how to spell organization the correct way.
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  8. murray
    Tab, you might not realise that 'organisation' is a spelling commonly used outside the United States.
  9. Lesley
    This happened in the UK, hence the reference to the NHS (National Health Service), and this is also how organisation is spelt in the UK. The bigger point it that people are being deliberately hateful to others and have zero idea on how it feels or what the real issues are.
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  10. kristina
    Yes absolutely Lower carbs is key to gaining back energy and control diabetes. Fats do not raise insulin levels, but also check your hormones, see that they are balanced. The Thyroid: the mother of all your hormones control everything in our body every second of the day. The adrenal grands sit along side the thyroid. The adrenal glands cause the increase in cortisol levels when stressed, very prevalent in abusive families and/or whose families are drinkers and also highly involved in contact sports. Increased cortisol levels will increase your waist measurement. Many children who are continuously in a high level of alertness; not knowing what's coming next have weight problems their whole lives. So stay calm, drink soothing teas, take a very warm foot soak, meditate and prayer and emotion release tapping google it and don't forget yoga. Save some money to see a naturopathic doctor who will check your thyroid, adrenal levels, renal glands and stomach bacteria, it worth the money. Remember high blood pressure and noctural heart palpitations can be the work of your thyroid and adrenals. When the hormones are balanced you will burn even more energy from fat. Stay at arms length from abusive families and others who shame you for being over weight and obese, they are the very people who caused you much of your weight problems as you were growing up. Get there the right way so you don't regain it. Don't lose weight to try to prove something or get revenge on those bullies. Love yourself by telling yourself a different story. We often generate the same results as we think about ourselves. Change those negative words to positive ones as if you are feeding data into a computer, the computer will achieve the results you are looking for.
  11. chris c
    Yes one of our government monsters, I mean ministers, stated that medical professionals must call their patients fat rather than obese/overweight. Which is ironic considering how many fat medical professionals there are.

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